[A14/A15] The buildings my hearthling will not build Thread

So this worker is stuck inside my building’s wall and he can’t get out for some reason LOL.
I finally made this house with 2 floors and then this guy got stuck Q.Q . How do I get him unstuck?

I build this house with 3 floors and everything is perfect except that I can’t place furniture on the first floor(there are ghost dining tables but the wont get filled) and the villagers wont remove the stairs+scaffoldings. What do I need to do so the can remove it?

And for the 3th amazing bug of today… I made a 3th house but there is this hole inside the wall and the wont fill it for some reason. How do I fix this as well?

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Hey @jomaxro I would love to expound! So I’m new to the community and only a few weeks old concerning the game itself. I have copied most of the bugs to my clipboard but don’t know how to access them or what to do with them. Also don’t know how to send save games.

I love this game so far and would love to help make it better :slight_smile:

So no I was not being literal with statement but I wasn’t exaggerating much either. I’m trying to think of any non prefabbed building I have finished. I can’t think of any except some defensive walls with stairs. I have no issues with roads custom bridges mines/digging. Certainly nothing 2 story works in fact the “2nd floor slab” thing would not even work as in, I would get an ‘x’ when I put the icon on the second floor as in nope not gunna happen.

Now that I have some more free time ill try to get you some bug reports and save files once I figure out how.

Side note, the rest of the game works great for me. I have had almost no issues with my hearthlings. And mist of the bugs I read about I have never come across. WEIRD! Keep up the great work guys!

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Hi mcawesome,
as a new board member you have to use a file uploader/hoster and put the links in your posts.
After some time you will be able to upload files directly here on the board.

No need to worry…we were all new here once :wink:.

Unfortunately when you click “copy to clipboard” you are copying the log to your windows clipboard, same exact functionality as if you were in Word (for example) and right clicked on text and clicked copy. The clipboard can only hold one thing at a time…so if you did not put it somewhere after you copied it (like notepad) then it is gone forever. In general, if you are looking to help with development, I would suggest pausing the game when you get a bug, copying the error(s) somewhere (either here on the discourse, or on your computer, and then posting each set of errors in its own post. In order to help the developers, please be sure to use the bug report template (that should be added automatically if you create a new thread and label it bug report before typing) as it helps to ensure we have enough information.

Due to Discourse file size limits, even after you achieve the “Basic” trust level, you will most likely not be able to fit a save game natively. As @groms mentioned, in order to upload a save, upload the save folder from your computer (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games by default if installed via Steam) to a cloud storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive, and then copy the sharing link here.

No problem! If you have a specific structure that you cannot build (and yes, second floors are pretty buggy right now), please create a new world, attempt to create the building again, and then upload that save world to this thread:

As @sdee always says, as much as they (the developers) appreciate bug reports and save games, please only assist while you enjoy doing so. No one (developers including) want to see people stop enjoying the game because they focus solely on reproducing bugs!


Well I think the problem with the 3rd one is that there is a flower pot in the way of where they need to build scaffolding in order to continue building the wall. And once the flower pot is removed then the lamp may become a problem too.

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Here’s a save with hearthlings refusing to build the town hall. Maybe they’re rebelling since I haven’t even built them homes.

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I dont know if this has been said as there are so many replies but i have had the issue where it doesnt build a multi story house. at the moment you arent able to remove part of the internal second floor to put a manual staircase in it, you have to have a solid floor and add a ladder to the outside of the house.

If they stop building i have noticed pausing it and starting it again works, or is it also possible you ran out of stone or wood? that has happened also and I didnt realize.

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In my quest to break things in the game, I discovered a quirk with building in caves. I’m lining walls in a cave 4 blocks tall with the flooring already built as a separate build. The bottom two layers of the walls went smoothly but they attempt to build scaffolding as they proceed. The result is an inability to finish the wall because the scaffolding can’t be finished above the second layer. The hearthling tendency to build while standing on the layer below means they can’t complete a cave build without 3 blocks of headroom above. Including a screenshot

Edit: the walls are built with the slab tool

i’m currently using the experimental AI and pathfinder (both are great, btw) so I’m not sure if that factors into the cave building


As you can see from this picture (not very well. Camera angle is locked so I can’t give you a top-down view of the layout], I place innerwalls within the building. It didn’t work out very well when placing roofs.

So we still can’t make rooms within houses without doing it manually. :frowning:

Anyways, I can’t undo the mistake. That is the bug. Rollbacks are impossible now. and so is the deletion of the building plan. I’m stuck with the building plan forever and ever. Amen brother. (I know I can reload, lest some person here suggest I reload a save. My God, smite mine enemies before mine eyes lest I befall a tragic demise at the hands of these foul philistines.)

I beseech thee, oh mighty dev team, to look into mine post and shine thine grace upon me in the form of a reception of thine angels. Yet, I shall verily accept a reception of a hail of rebuke. For thou art eternal and I, not so. Praise be unto thee and may all joy and bathe in thine glorious radiance.

Every morrow, I oft weep unto mine self. But no pain cannot be endured for by the might of the devs, perchance a rainbow sighting, that I would endure all things by the grace of thee.
See him in the temple.
Talkin with the elders
who marveled at his wisdom
LAWWD be PRAISEDDD. For mine soul has been redeemed at thine holy hands. Fie, FIE on all blasphemers who dare naysay thou holiest of heads.



I still have this problem in the latest build [472] alpha 12, I reset the AI (shift+F5 with the debug keys enabled) but it did not resurrect my hearthlings brains to finish my building ;(
good thing though they still eat

and here is the world file:

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After starting a map yesterday I came across this same problem, and after creating a series of increasingly complex buildings I came to the conclusion that in my case this is caused by placing custom designed staircases inside my buildings. The moment I made anything resembling a staircase - even in a single story building - workers flat out refused to start building.

The first 7 buildings here where all started by workers, whereas the 8th was completely ignored - I then proceeded to test with a single story building to see if it was due to deleating sections of the second floors floor. Note that the 7th building has the same section of floor deleated as the 8th, but without the adition of a staircase built using the slabs tool.


[Second post - sorry, new user so can’t post more than 1 image]

Once again the building was ignored, I’m not sure what could cause this but helpfully this might help with getting this fixed?


While waiting for the other buildings to complete, I have
also created some staircases, both free standing and against walls, that the
workers had no problems creating.

Please excuse the grave stones on the second floor of some
buildings - some workers found it hard to get out before the ceiling was
sealed. Also included are the original building that alerted me to this problem

  • something to note is that the workers did create the pavement outside the
    buildings, which was included on the building plan, but then outright refused
    to even begin digging out the first floor.

and the building was:


house can be finished but workers will not put windows or doors.

Firstly i design house , then next to it i created additional construction and started build it as 1 building.

Then it happen.


If I build a pillar to a roof, it is one thing they will not build. The last two blocks wouldn’t build.

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When trying to build a simple, single story structure, my hearthlings consistently fail to place the final 2 blocks before starting on the roof.

This occurs in multiple layout and is a result, I assume, of the roof orientation. In this case, the roof is rising from the side with the door visible and along the opposite wall as well.


You may have to use your own ladders on the outside of those pillars.

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Custom buildings not building


Custom buildings will not build (whether or not I save them).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make and custom building
  2. finish it and try to get the hearthlings to build it

Expected Results:

Hearthlings will build the custom building.

Actual Results:

Hearthlings will not build the custom buildings.


As you can see the not custom building is building and my building is not.

Versions and Mods:

Alpha 13 (November 2015)

System Information:


I believe it was stated the problem was because of the stairs… the custom stairs break the building process for some reason and they will refuse to build anything with stairs on it. It sucks but what can you do huh… apparently they plan on making changes to the building system… so hopefully then custom buildings will work better.