[Media] Time-lapse of a drawbridge building

Hello everybody.

Past few days i’ve been busy creating a time-lapse of my last template, a city entrance drawbridge-like.
At first it was mostly for the artistic side of the thing. But i then realized it would be an awesome tool to review the efficiency of the game’s artificial intelligence for this process.

So i’ve made this video below in which you can find an “expectation versus reality” comparison.
This is the first video i ever made so i went easy on the transitions and stuff. Please be gentle. :innocent:

For those who are interested, thereafter are all the comparison pictures from the video.


I will create another thread to specifically bring up the topic of the final render and what messed up.
(Edit: Done! Link below.)

For information this experience was made during my streaming sessions.
I apologize for the overflow of information promoting my stream channel but i’m just getting started and it’s quite hard to find an audience. :blush: My intentions here are mostly focused on improving this game.

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