[Twitch] Stonehearth with TheMournful

Hello everybody!

I’ve been discovering this game quite recently and really appreciated it.
This game merges all that i’ve always loved in video-games: epic-fantasy universe (The Witcher, The Elder Scroll series), construction and management simulation (Civilization, Fallout 4 settlements, The Sims), all this in a sandbox setup (how not to talk about Minecraft?)

For these reasons i’ve already spent hundred of hours playing it in a few weeks, and now that the survival aspects of the game have no more secrets for me, i found myself a new goal: building an epic city.

The thing is i am a new streamer on Twitch and i decided, as i really love to play the architect, that i’d share with you my Stonehearth experience.
This way, i will support as much as i can the development of this game, as i did by joining this community, and being, as the days go by, active on the forum.

Now let me introduce myself:

My name is Nathaniel, but you’ll find me here and on Twitch as TheMournful.
I am a french young writer/dramatist who loves theater.
You may ask why am i mournful… Well, i love poetry, whatever its form. I also love cats for all that these night creatures incarnate, like some famous poets such as Baudelaire. That’s why i’m called TheMournful. But eh! i’m not a sad person. :slight_smile:

As i said right before, i am french and not used to speak english out loud. But since this community is awesome and i’m not that bad in english, let’s give it a try! I wish my experience would be enjoyable by everybody here. So, if you visit me on Twitch and see me talking in french, just show yourself and i’d be glad to make my experience being also yours. That being said, i don’t talk much anyway… :grin:

You can find my channel over there: Twitch - TheMournful
I’ll mainly be streaming in the morning (UTC +1:00).

I’ll probably create a topic later to share with pictures the progression of my city.
Until then… thank you for reading me and have fun!

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A promise is a promise, i’m coming back to you with some fresh stuff!

I don’t know if any of you followed the beginning of the adventures since i’m not getting any feedback (how sad! :sob:), but my city is now really getting started!

Previously, we’ve made the great drawbridge (for which you can find a review in another thread, see below), and we’ll be finishing this morning the main rampart.

I would really like to know what do you guys think.

And as i desire to make this experience as much interactive as possible, tell me what should come next!

  • Market place
  • Agora
  • Agricultural space
  • Artisans’ place
  • Gardens and sanctuary (along the water)
  • Residential district
  • Church and graveyard

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Big thanks for reading, and to those who will lend themselves to the game!

Now, livestream!

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Good morning!

Finally the rampart is done! Goblins would better behave themselves…

Here are some pictures:

Unanimously, the residential district is next on the blueprints!
Thanks to @coasterspaul for voting… :merry:


First house’s done!

External view:

Internal view:

Cropped view:

Any feedback? :smile:

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I kind of wish the chimney’s color looked more different than the wall color, which might get to be a bigger deal if you make a lot of houses with the same color, but… wow. That detail :heart_eyes:

Yeah, i understand.Thank you for your feedback.
I’m not sure yet if i should follow an aesthetically code for the entire district or go for something heterogeneous.

By the way, here is the second house i designed in this morning’s livestream, which is - i must admit - a kind of avant-garde building for an epic-fantasy purpose. Whatever… I’m satisfied of how it looks. :slight_smile:

Terrace House:


Boy, that settlement decor mod stuff really adds more life and detail to those buildings. Maybe I need to ad it to my game…

Indeed, i couldn’t do so much stuff without the mods i am using.
So yeah, special thanks to all the authors of these mods!

Here is my mod list.

I will be streaming every morning this week (UTC +1).

We will work on our residential district and build the most awesome houses as possible!

Oh, and i guess it’s time for the next poll: what do you guys want to see next?

  • Market Place
  • Agora
  • Agricultural space
  • Artisans’ place
  • Gardens and sanctuary (along the water)
  • Church and graveyard

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Hello there!

Just a little update to show how the residential district is going.

It’s building slowly, since i’m just playing Stonehearth during my streaming sessions in the morning.

Thank you guys for watching and participating to the poll (see post above).

Have fun!

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