Second Storey Flooring Changing to Slabs


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a Floor (eg is 15x15)

  1. Use the Grow Walls tool

  1. Use the Second Storey Floor tool to add a voxel on top of your four columns

  1. Click on the colour that matches your wall (In this case, it is Sandal). then fill in the rest of the 2nd floor

  1. Try to grow walls

  2. Cri everytim

Expected Results:

The second storey flooring tool should not change to the slab tool upon selecting another colour

Actual Results:

It totally does

Version Number and Mods in use:

a17, dev2998


oh. That. I always keep forgetting that little bug. That one has been in for a while, assuming it is one. It is not just the second floor from my experience. It is anything other than slab, that is on the house short from the roof. At least in A16 and before.

Will have to in a moment see if that is still the case with selecting a different color. It switching to the slab when having floor, wall, and second floor is quite an annoyance and extra clicks to ensure the right tool is selected, even if the right color at least stays. However when reselecting the tool wanting it reverts to the last color as well. I’ll check later if that is the case still.

Good to see someone else notice that. Being distracted by other more pressing bugs I guess is what caused me to keep forgetting. ><

Anyway I will see if I can confirm what I mentioned is true still. Thank you for pointing this one out. :slight_smile:

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yeah, I haven’t really played since RC came in, and even before that I hadn’t tried to build anything new. Needless to say the past week has been very frustrating trying to design things :frowning:

yeah I know your pain on that one, although have gotten use to it, even if it does to no end frustrate me when that happens. It is just less so, due to dealing with it for so long, and more important game breaking bugs actually came up. That and well it keeps slipping my mind to post about it; not easy when I am a bit flighty at times… So I guess it is a minor one to me, still worth the pointing out though, as I don’t think that was intended.