[9.256x64] Buildmode again

Building a fancy all-in-one-building…
(first entrance, with small food-storage and tables, then sleeping quarters with advanced storage in the back)
…when a strange error occours.

I was not able to edit doors and windows into that house, I was neither able to destroy it … Had to restart my savegame.

One thing that could be causing the errors is the way you’ve tried adding internal walls. The way the “erect walls” command works at the moment is that it attempts to place walls around the outer edge of the floors you make. Since there’s only one voxel between the bits of floor adjacent to where you want a wall, the game is trying to place two walls in the same location (this row of open voxels).

It could have also been caused if you were using the “Undo” command, which has occasionally spit errors at me if it’s used too much. Do you remember when the error occurred exactly in the design phase?

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No undoing was done, I know about that bug.
But the wall-voxel-problem might be it.
I’m trying two spaces between inside walls for future buildings.

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think you problem is because the floor is broken basically you have place walls in the grass-space what you should have done is make a full floor, the build the wall sapces