Double Meshed Walls? (build 2534)

I’m working on a build of mine, (Roman Aux Fort) and I used the console command to see how it looked. and this happened

when making that one wall, I assume I double clicked with my mouse when I clicked the floor, and now my build looks sadly discoloured. I can’t find any way to deal with this without restarting my build :frowning: or dealing with such a sad color.

Could it be because of a double click when creating this part in the blue print?

i can imagen that when you try to build it manualy after the first layer of way has been made that your guys get an order to place blocks, but that they cant becouse they wont be able to reach(making them stand around doing nothing)(i like guessing)

I remember something like this before, check out this link see if you would have the same issues with windows.