Bug with wall building vs basement

I met a situation where you draw your basement and when you want to put walls (via the auto tool) you get a nice red cross as pointer on your basement. No way to build walls.

A way to bypass the bug is to delete the basement, change the texture, and redraw it.

I have no clue why this bug pop and no steps to reproduce it because it seems quite erratic but I think I saw it in 2494 already.


Hmm maybe it has to do with the camera angle or some other object that is interferring?

I would said neither camera angle nor objects around because it was on a fresh new game so almost nothing around and the camera didn’t move much when I changed the texture… It’s really and odd bug so if I met it again I’ll report here…

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I have run into this a couple of times, as well. It does seem very erratic. When it happens for me it seems to be after I make a change in the plan or move a placed object. The game seems to be treating that particular square as if it was still occupied even though it isn’t. Changing textures or moving other things around seems to reset it though. I hadnt posted about it because I wasn’t sure how to classify or describe it