Advice on building design

Hey y’all,

I’ve been trying to build multi-story buildings with more than just straight foundations and walls, and I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to go about it. I keep getting results like this:

From a design like this:

Are there some rules building goes by? Although a floating city would be pretty cool, any advice would be still be appreciated.

Did you use the secondfloor material for said floor? I’ve never had this with multistory buildings ^^’

did you use the auto-walls or manual walls tool?

I used second floor and manual walls. If I leave a gap for the stairs in the floor and use auto-walls then it breaks the building.

manual walls tend to cause problems, so a workaround is to “cut” a hole in the floor after the walls are on.

does that make sense?

Yep! Thanks! One last problem: How do you do floors raised from their foundation? Every time I try my building doesn’t build or it floats.

i’m not sure thats possible at the moment… assuming you meant having the floor “sitting” on the ground rather then sunken into it.

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Yeah for parts of it. I would keep some of the building on the foundation, but sections would be raised above the foundation floor. But I suppose that wouldn’t work either. Anyway, thanks for your help.

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Probably the best advice I’ve ever read about building on this discourse is to build in stages. You can always add a second floor to an existing roofless house! I’m not super sure about how to build a floor on two different levels like you want but I would try building the lower half first and then trying to build the upper section after that much is complete. Maybe by using slabs or the ‘2nd floor’ tool you can do that and then with manual walls.

Anyways, Good luck!

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It’s not possibly to raise structures from the ground using the basic grow wall tall, However I did find a work around, If you use the slab tool, you can add the bits you want raised (You’d have to draw the parts up using slabs though), I attached a picture I made quickly to show you:

It would look a tiny bit off, But it’s the only way of doing it currently,

Hope that helped and was what you meant :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks to both of you. I did some testing on some simpler designs, and I think it’ll work thanks to your advice.


Well, an absolutely ridiculous amount of scaffolding later, I got it to work pretty much how I wanted.

Thanks again everybody!