Towers and steps?

did a search for this, cant find anything but amazing pictures… i really want to get in making freaky - fancy stuff… but how on earth do you build steps? i know about the flat roof + ladders for a second floor… but steps??? O.o where do i find them? and any tutorials on how to make it look awesome?

(i have reverted back to alpha 8 while they clear up some bugs, cheers)

lay blocks in a stair shape…

(Use the slab tool as suggested below :stuck_out_tongue: )


I have used slabs to create steps, but not inside of homes. I’m not sure how well it would work and how large it would require a building to be. There are some complications with multistory homes right now, so it’s mostly just playing with things until they work right. If you search for it, there are people who have work-arounds for this, but they are using ladders I believe.



The only way to make steps currently is via slabs

Hope this helped :smile:


ok thanks guys. i think this should stay open for any one to post indepth tutorials/blueprints etc

that of course, is up to the Mods cheers guys

Sure you can create steps inside buildings, I always make a 2x6 or 2x3 halfway and curve footing base and work up to the next floor, which is always 7 voxels or 6 voxels, depending on how you do the next story of building. You can even curve them. if you want. :smile:


I just wasn’t certain enough to explain it to someone looking to do so. I also don’t know the exact steps, build the slabs in the building process, build around it etc. Due to there being different work-arounds to accomplish multi-story buildings, it’s not something I really spent time on, just know it exists.

That building designer UI looked cool.