Are inhouse stairs possible atm?

Hello my friends.

I was playing a lot with the release 2391 (a few days ago and No i was not yet able to play with the very latest one)
and I was wondering if it is possible to build inhouse stairs?

Basically when one builds a two-story building and connects both floors with a staircase (made by the slab tool). I noticed that my hearthlings refuse to build the staircase.

First I tried to build all at once only to find out the wall tool has issues with a first floor unregularity of design (meaning of having a hole somewhere) It basically builds walls around that hole too. so no chance with that try.

Then, from a stream of Tony I noticed that you are able to delete voxel of the floor. So I thought I’be clever and build the whole house without stairs, only with a hole (deleted with the rubber tool after putting up the walls) in the first floor and then later build the stairs with some slab. But they also refused to do just the slab stair. The house was already finished.

So, were you able to build inhouse stairs and if so. How?

Thanks a lot :smile:

You have to build them as a part of the house proper - you can’t build the house then come back to doing them.

mhm, ok. But that actually was the first scenario of my try. I only ended up i having the wall tool putting walls around my stairs.

Place the floor (no hole), build up walls, then erase a hole in the floor.


I heard one of the twins (don’t remember which stream and who that was, but I think it was Tom) mention that they needed them, as well, so thankfully they’re on it I think. I definitely agree that it would be good to have a tool for this. Perhaps one that also automatically makes a hole into the upper floor, so the player doesn’t have to worry about that.

well currently on the trello board stairs are under the “in progress” card :smile:

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Ah, right! Maybe that’s what I was thinking of, then, instead of streams.

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