The simple stuff! and why can't I have them

Columns, why can’t i place them as poles for my pole barn for the blacksmith building I want to build. I understand the easy wall build tool tip. I just need the columns not the wall with it.We need to be able to place every block or item as a single unit to build the things we want. And whats up with stairs man where are my stairs. Stairs should have been in alpha 1. Not trying to rant love the game. I just bought the 2 copys last night one for me and one for my wife. Now make it so and all that stuff.


If you use the slab tool, you can build your own pillars pretty easy. Stairs can be built the same way!


I know you can use the “draw wall” tool to make 2x2 and 2x1 columns, as shown here:

  • and I believe one can do 1x1 columns, but it does take a bit of messing around.

[quote=“BoDaddy, post:1, topic:11746”]
And whats up with stairs man where are my stairs.
[/quote]Here’s where I must say: slabs. Slabs are sufficient, even when they were first introduced and had a lot less features or colors [but it was easier to drag out a 3d box with them, so that was nice]: