Stonehearth app?


Now we all know Stonehearth Will be playable on the Cp.But what about when your at party and you want to gett the latest Stonehearth news? This is where the Stonehearth app comes in. You can read and the official fourms of Stonehearth (if there ever is).Chat about Stonehearth in the community, and get the latest news.


You can already read the forums on most smartphones…


If you make it, I’m sure there will be people who will be interested.

I’d suggest that you might want to include a shortened player guide… sort of like the wiki but condensed and made to fit something like a smart phone. If you had a “news” section included and a few other tidbits related to the game, it would be popular.


For this kind of features it might be enough if Radiant installs a WordPress Theme which is supporting mobile devices (I have installed one on the Blog I am running and I like it quite a lot). Do not know if Discourse offers support for mobiles but if yes… this might be the easy way to have an “app” without coding it.


i give this a hearty :+1:

now, we just need some enterprising member of the community to whip up said app, and we’ll be off to the races… :smiley: