Make a app for it on the iPhone

I think it will be easier to get to the website

What are you suggesting should be made as an app for the iPhone? The game, or this website?

I do not think it would be feasible to make Stonehearth a mobile game, as its processing demands are too great for the current mobile systems. The website as a mobile app seems to be a bit of a waste of resources.


The website :calling::computer: because I don’t want to keep going on the internet to get to it

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I mean, I see the point in that, but I would much rather Radiant spent their time developing the game than shaving off two taps for mobile users by developing an app for the website. My thoughts, anyway.


But when the game gets bigger than they should make a app

Well, I don’t see a reason why. Not to mention that TR doesn’t own discourse, as far as I know. Now the actual site doesn’t really need to become an app, they already redesigned it to be phone friendly, and just turning around and making an app probably isn’t the easiest thing to do. Plus ya know then they’d have to make one compatible with androids. Totally not saying that cause I have an android.


I have a windows phone, I just make a bookmark and paste a shortcut to my start screen…
Everything works fine for me (, Discourse, Trello) Auto fits just fine for me :confused:


Remember when stonehearth had an April fools about the “free to play” stonehearth?


Still on my ToDo list.