Stonehearth redirect to App Store on iPad

I’m getting intermittent redirects from to the AppStore when viewing Stonehearth on my iPad. I thought it was just something bad going on on my end, but someone else reported it in the comments section of the “Combat Tuning” Development Blog update – see Jeff Hampton’s comment from 2 days ago:

Anyone else getting redirects when going here from mobile recently? Only this week from iPad im gettin redirected to random app downloads. Only for this page too.

Basically what happens is when I click on the Stonehearth bookmark on my iPad, instead of going to Stonehearth, the location bar flashes through a bunch of different URLs and then switches from Safari to the App Store.

It’s very similar to what happens in some of the sketchier advertising networks, except of course doesn’t display ads.

I would say this happens maybe 20% of the time, and I first noticed it probably a week and a half to two weeks ago. I’ve seen it happen at least 3 or 4 times.

In general, I’ve immediately switched back from the App store to Safari, and I don’t know what’s been advertised, but this last time I let it run, as I though the information might be useful to you. In this case it took me to “HotSpot Shield VPN for iPhone”. I wasn’t able to catch any of the intermediate URLs that it flashes through, but here’s the final one:

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