Stonehearth illegal download?

Hello. The other day while looking through Stonehearth’s Facebook page I saw a post linking to “” which seemed to be a pirate download page for Stonehearth.

Just thought I should let people know about it so something can be done to stop it.

Edit: also seems to exist.

I can’t seem to find it. Is it still online?

It may have closed. I can’t seem to reach it now.

Edit: It’s still searchable on Google but appears not to actually be available.

I couldn’t find it on Google either… let me check again. Oh yes, there it is. Indeed unavailable.

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I managed to reach a “cached version” on Google Chrome


  1. open “
  2. It is not available. Click “More”
  3. Click on the blue “Cached copy” link
  4. You get to a pure-HTML (no CSS or images) webpage

Aye, there are a few illicit sites around the place offering downloads. Obviously any attempt to download from these websites will be reported to the United Nations, expect a strongly worded letter.

Edit - I’ll rename this category so people don’t get confused that this is firstly a discussion around the pirates politicians and ninjas stretch goal, and/or a drawing of said pirates :slight_smile:

5 Likes also seems to have a Facebook page. It has roughly half the likes of the official Stoneheart page, which is quite significant. This one actually is available.

This is a fake download. A thread questioning this website was already made by @ownerpure5. A lot of people, including myself, have confirmed that this is a fake website harboring a potentially dangerous download link that could either lead to a scam like a survey, or much worse, dangerous malware.

The thread in question is “Warning: Fake Website Offering Download”

The original site looks as if it were taken down. The guy behind the site probably shut it down because he didn’t have enough money too keep it up and/or finally realized that his site was a sham, or the host or Google decided to shut it down themselves.