Kindred - Found a game similar too Stonehearth

While scrolling through my twitter I found a game in development that looks really similar too Stonehearth. Decided to share it. Here’s a link


Hmm, it’s similar yet set in modern times. Looks possibly promising.

Another even more similar game is Timber and Stone.

This is what looks like now.

I’ve tried T&S out, and personally I much prefer Stonehearth, due to it’s original concept, the direction it’s going, and my confidence in the developers. But then again, I may be biased because I backed it on kickstarter but not any of the other ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Holy hell I haven’t looked at Timber and Stone in aaaaaages - it looks so different!! @SteveAdamo why did you not tell me about this?!

It actually looks pretty cool - very similar in some ways … but then I suppose how do you escape that at times? But the modern theme should hopefully set it apart, will definitely be keeping tabs on it thanks @mikej3!

Just gonna alter the title to the game name.


I’ve kept tabs on T&S for quite some time (since Z and Ethrel joined the development team) but haven’t spent any time testing/playing for … nearly a year?

when the recent update was about to drop, some folks in the community reached out to me and I resurfaced on the forums… graphically the game has had a major facelift (and it looks fantastic), but mechanically, the game has evolved to a place that (for me) makes it somewhat difficult to just “jump in and play”…

I would need to sit for a good half hour and familiarize myself with all the new features before I could really weigh in on how the game has changed…