Can't find attackers, Goblins Act1

So I am sitting here playing my first game and enjoying it quite a bit. Getting to the point where the Goblin camp spawns (read up on it in the wiki). And I run into a weird issue.

The music for an approaching threat starts playing (you know the one you here when enemies are near or your people are fighting). though there is noone nearby. I can see the Goblin camp a bit away but whenever they get close with a few attackers I get a new notification so I guess it’s not them.

Currently I am unsure if this is a bug or if I am just not seeing something. I tried killing the entire Goblin camp using the console. That ended the quest but not the sounds.

Anything else I could check? Are there some enemies that could be hiding outside my view?

hey there @HoverBaum, welcome to the discourse :smile:

if the music is playing at night then its most likely the undead attacks.

Hi @8BitCrab glad to be here :smile:

At first I found some undeads nearby but they died when it turned day and I played two or there day and night circles without it stopping.

hmm… you have checked the surrounding area to see if there are any remnants of goblins, correct?

Is your trapping area fairly close to the goblin camp? I’ve run into that a few times where it would go to combat music whenever my trapper was in the closer half of the zone and a goblin camp wasn’t far off

@8BitCrab I cut down all treats that were in the area I could see (meaning to say the one that was light and not dark / fog of war like) just to be sure and found none.

@Boulderboy I am not trapping. But I noticed that, too. New settlers ran past the Goblin camp a few times and it played the combat music.

Hmmm. Are there any baddies hiding on any of the higher levels around you? I’ve found a few that are stuck at a cliff and partially hidden by trees…just brainstorming lol

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@Boulderboy more ideas is what I am looking for. I looked around but couldn’t see any. Will make sure to take a closer look tomorrow, bit tired right now XD

So in the end after killing the Goblin camp I had invaders at night and after killing them too the music stopped. I also tried not killing the Goblins and only wait for the invasion but I had to kill the Goblins after the invasion to make the music stop. My best guess is that idk something related to the Goblin camp.

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well if there will still goblins around (who were enemy’s) then the music will play whenever you passed by them. this has changed in A12 to having the music play only when an actual fight starts.

Yeah I noticed that. But at first it only played when my people walked past it. Later it also played after they had passed them by some time ago.

But awesome change for A12 ^^

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