Defensive camp for soldiers

If this is already mentioned before sorry, but I got this idea a while watching my soldiers sitting still in the defend area.

Idea: The “soldiers” (knights, archers, footman and Clerics) when they leave the main area to defend a position they should build a defend able area to work from.

Reasoning: When you look through history when ever an unit settled down for the night they always set up something to where they were not left sitting in the open. The Romans built little modular camps that could be done in an hour or two.

Suggestion: Have the Mechanic build something that the army could bring with them, maybe a wagon that has to have a worker assigned to the group to pull. Then when you tell a unit to defend an area the footman then pulls stuff out of the wagon and starts building the structures. What I was thinking for what should be there is a Fire pit for them to sit around, tents (make them function like beds but not as good), crate (for food), fences or something to function as walls.

Here is a bad drawing of the Idea you would just mirror the rest on the other side:
X= Fences
T= tents
— or

  • = fence Gate
    F= fire pit

                               X           X
                               X  T    T   X
                               X  T    T   X
                               X           X
                               -           -
                               -     F     -

As for the workers involved.
Taylor: Canvas for tent or maybe even build them
Mechanic: Build Tents, wagon, and Covered wagon ( wagon with everything in it)
Cook: Food maybe adding a Ration type thing as a meal.
Mason: Fire pit
carpenter: Fences and fence gate

Sorry this Idea come out so late in the games development and it may not be do able, but thank you for taking time to look at my suggestion.


I think this is an awesome idea! I send my soldiers out into the wilderness all the time to protect my citizens while they are collecting resources, and this would be a huge help because my soldiers wouldn’t have to leave the area as often to eat and sleep. If the team doesn’t adopt this idea, you should consider making a mod! :smiley:

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Whos there to protect the wives and children!

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Well you can always have more than one unit, Red, green, blue, some color I cant remember and Purple.

Well for the cook I came up with another thing that could be packed in place of a ration. Picnic basket have things in it like the pies and some veggies.

I love the idea.

Now, if only the game mechanics would support it.

My “wishlist” to support this:

  • “stand guard”'s area can be adjusted (can be just simply radius)
  • soldiers in stand guard mode automatically uses the furniture that are within the set area of effect. (currently, I think it did something like this too?)

If that is done, we just need to solve the problem of camp.
As a workaround that is possible now, I would just put the whole camp as a template, so that it can be quickly placed down (construction will still be same as normal though) and taken down (one remove building button, though the reclaimed resources is not 100%, the furniture will be all reused, but need hauling back)