[Dup] Strange pathing behavior during combat

Steam Alpha 12 build 463 x64. No mods.

There seems to be some strange behavior from my hearthlings whenever combat is initiated. It happens with both footmen and with non-combat classes in town defense mode. As soon as any hearthlings get close to something that they can fight they get into combat stance and then they stop moving forward. They will seem to twitch in different directions as if they are trying to figure out how to get to the enemy and will not actually move forward. There is nothing in the way, clear open ground, and they will not move. After a short while they may or may not attack, but usually not.

I’ve seen this behavior both against goblins and zombies. In my latest town two zombies spawned and walked around killing hearthlings with two footmen just 3 or 4 steps away from them just standing there, twitching back and forth. It got two of my lings killed before my carpenter and two workers came out of their daze (town defense on) and managed to kill them.

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