Hearthling Archers Refusing to Attack

I noticed that with a mixed party of Footmen, Clerics and Archers, the melee units were almost always arriving at their destination without ranged support. I isolated the Archers into a party of their own and kited a Giant Zombie to my town wall. There I ordered the three Archers to attack, but one of them refuses to do so, preferring going back to patrol somewhere else and completely ignoring the threat.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load up my current save (8.9 MB)
  2. Order the Archer party (Party 2) to attack the Giant Zombie

Expected Results:

All the Hearthling on the Party to attack the Giant Zombie

Actual Results:

One of the Archers decides that it has better things to do and ignores the order


Footmen also ignore nearby threats to an extent, but since they are so close, it’s easier to coax them into attacking.

Also, unrelated, but sometimes after a battle (say, clearing a goblin camp) the Footmen wants to attack a goblin village that is located quite a distance away, and only by ordering your units all the way to the town they sometimes disengage. When they don’t disengage, I have to save & reload. It’s harder to reproduce, but it happened on this save as well.


The save game

Version Number and Mods in use:

Alpha 16 develop 2955

System Information:

They just released a patch to fix that issue, trying it out now

Still happening in dev 2960.

Yup, my archer was doing fine until the kobolds show up. He then just walked away letting them get slaughtered.
Dev 2960

I know this is not a fix, but there is a way to bypass having your troops ignoring enemies. I also ran into the issue of units ignoring enemies and attacking objects, or archers just walking away. What I ended up doing is setting defense flags instead of attack flags. The archers always run to the attack flags, and when they are at a defense flag and an enemy comes near, they always attack. When enemies moved around, I just shifted the defense flag to a different position to get the archers to move.

Until a fix is implemented, it is at least a way to be able to utilize archers.

This is on dev-2969


Paging @jomaxro to this topic. However there is already three other topics on this bug, so this bug might be very common: