Archers stand next to target

Combat error archers run up to target with footmen and fire. Will not use windows to target.
Desired result: Archers use there cunning skills to attack from a distance.
Result: Archers stand next to target and die first.
Possible remedy: Eye glass upgrade or mod.

Hey there @KfrogCT, is this intended to be a bug report or a suggestion?

Hi there,
This was more a quick bug report.

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Awesome! Something for @Albert

Reporting the same ! They are… very close :smiley:

On this screen, it even going bad, the archer don’t even fight (i think i’m gonna do another topic) but you can have a look !
He his resting at the firecamp on the right when my soldier was really having a bad fight :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : Well another update ! The archer’s range seems to be fine in my game against goblins or another monsters but he seems to have a problem with the giant zombie ! He get really really close and it can turn really bad with another ennemy :smiley: (three blocks away in my game)