DT: Enemy Placement



More resource friendly than my idea of heat maps for spawn locations.

And those log throwers :joy:


I liked finally seeing ranged combat mechanics…

Just a question for the team, is the final plan to have projectiles follow arcs or will they be straight-flying?


We won’t have parabolic trajectories until something sufficiently fun demands it.


I did in some way like how it looked with them swinging their bows. Make up a sling object and replace it and boom you have the new sling class as a pre-req for archers. Just saying that is what it made me think of.


Super excited to see ranged combat is under development. That will unlock a lot of possibilities, from archers of course, to magic, to enemy monsters chucking stuff back at your guys.

As for new placement algorithms, I think this will just have to be something I see for myself before I can comment. I am really glad it’s been worked on though, the old algorithm(s) left something to be desired.

Will there be ways to shoot over walls in like a rain of arrows with multiple archers? also will the first release of the archer be able to shoot enemies from different mountain levels? Finally I think that the archer should start with a medium/small range and miss occasionally at low levels and as they level up they will be able to shoot farther and miss less.