Archer Quiver Question

My archers, now that they’ve finally started to level (thank you new build) are all wearing the fire arrow quivers. However, having two archers to a party, I would like to be able to have one effect from each quiver. Now, I’ve seen the ability to toggle through the quiver types by individually selecting each archer, and have set things up on the hearthlings the way I would like (one of each flavor).

My question is whether or not archers who no longer are wearing the spikey quiver are still able to inflict that status condition, and if there is a reason for them to make the lower level quivers, since the archers level so quickly and the fire quiver appears to supply both conditions?

Hmmm if archers level quickly that sounds like an exp tuning or distribution issue. If your archers are already high enough level to use the fire quiver, then just make that. It’s like if your footman can already wear the leather armor, then just make the leather one instead of the cloth one. Because we don’t have individual equipment management, the higher level quivers give all the possible arrow types so you can actually switch arrow types. If you have suggestions on how this experience can be improved, please let me know :slight_smile:


I might like to see a system where the quiver has to be available in the inventory, and equippable, in order to use that particular arrow type. For example, if my archer is level two, then I can cycle between spikey arrows for the slow, or normal arrows (… for higher base damage with no effect? Otherwise there’s no reason to use them?). However, even if I request my archer to use spikey arrows but have no quivers of that type made, it’s greyed out or something, and they will fire normal arrows until they can pick up the appropriate quiver. Once my archer hits level three, then a new option becomes available in the cycling menu, and again, the appropriate kind of quiver needs to be in my inventory and equippable in order to gain the effect. If no quivers are available, then the default arrow kind is used. As a result, the damage difference between the three different kinds (default for highest base, spikey for the slow with lower damage, and fire for a lower base but the damage over time effect) can be seen from the equipment menu, and controlled through the existing cycling arrow flavor menu.

And to address your concern about XP distribution, it does feel too high. After getting the new version from today, my archers and clerics capped out in about an hour of play on hard mode. It feels too quick overall, and it might be appropriate to nerf it by 20% or so?