Incorrect Archer Arrow Debuff

When using an Archer with the “Spiky Quiver” item, and having the spiky arrows selected to be used, the debuff that appears on attacked enemies reads “Slowed by Freezing Arrows”, instead of spiky arrows. Not sure if this was a name change (I thought I remembered a Freezing Quiver being something that existed) and a tooltip that never got updated.

Can duplicate simply be equipping an Archer with a Spiky Quiver, ensuring that they are using Spiky Arrows and not the default arrows, and attack an enemy.


hey there @Consiliem, welcome to the discourse :smile:

if i’m not mistaken the “spiky arrows” are the ice arrows… but i could be wrong, so i’ll page @sdee for you to see if she can clear things up.


Yes they are the same. We changed the name to spikey arrows and must’ve forgotten to update the text in some areas. I will put it on my list of bugs to fix


Fantastic, happy to help. Thanks for the wonderful game :slight_smile: