Auto Arrow Switching!

As the title suggests I want archers to automatically switch arrow types (ie. fire - spiky - future arrow types) or just when in combat or just straight up combine arrow tips.

This would allow archers to set monsters on fire and slow them down, because I kind of do it manually right now. However, I don’t want it to be just given to the archers. I want it to be a high level upgrade like the volley. We can have either a skill that makes hearthlings switch to the most useful arrow atm, or have a quiver of high level that will contain combos of 2 arrows.

So to sum it up, I want a archer class to have an ability to switch arrows automatically, or have quivers with multiple debuffs on it.


I think this a bit tricky. It feels like it would get overpowered to shoot both arrows so quickly without management from the player. Maybe it would be better to have archers not care for eachothers targets. Like if you have 2 spiky arrow archers they would ignore allready slowed targets if there are other not yet slowed targets available within range

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You could make two archers, one with each type of arrow! I have six, they’re awesome!

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Yeah, I guess you’re right

They wouldn’t shoot arrows faster than normal, they would just interchange between arrows. I like the idea of switching targets, but there needs to be a mode where you can switch between shooting styles

My work around is to pair archers, each one set to each type of arrow.
Right now, the debuff duration is about about the same as the archer’s cool down time to use them, so if you alternate, you don’t get either effect to be up continuously.
Like I see what you’re going for, but it would be a fairly involved mechanic that is tailored to a very specific combat strategy.

I also would not be shocked if over time new quivers that provide different abilities will be introduced. For example, a poison arrow that instead of doing more damage, reduces healing received or damage done by an enemy, or a sleep/knock out arrow that incapacitates an enemy for a few seconds.