Archer suggestion

Okay Okay Tom you win, The whole Cloak and or Cape idea was dumb.

But hey do add Archer Quiver bag on the back :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a pic i designed in game awhile back ago, On Crossroads, I made an archer statue

Idk throwing Ideas out there


Gotta Admit @Tom

That makes a lot of sense


So beautifull statue you’re a nice deisgner.

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I’d like to see quivers become a separate equipment thing. Maybe without a quiver an archer could only hold 2 - 4 arrows but quivers would increase their storage space? Better quivers could hold more arrows and there could be a bit of choice for looks as well but heavier quivers could decrease movement speed a bit and…

I think it could be interesting.


Maybe we don’t need a separate equipment category. Archers could wear leather armors, which are a counterpart to the metal armors of soldiers, and those leather armors can have the quivers already modelled to them. So it’s an armor + quiver combination. For the lower defence of the leather armor the archer gains other bonuses like the increased arrow capacity. Would be kind of weird to see an archer in really heavy armor anyway.

Only bad thing to having quivers is that they will probably overlap with the chair when the hearthling sits down or has something else in the back. But I don’t really mind personally.

Or an addition to warrior and archer perks in relation to the idea of armour being heavier and slowing people down.

Heavy Armour - Slows the wearer’s movement speed, but higher defense rating.
Light Armour - No impact on movement speed, but lower defense rating than Heavy Armour.

Footman - Upon reaching Level (?), Heavy Armour no longer affects the Footman’s movement speed.
Archer - Upon reaching Level (?), Light Armour increases the Archer’s movement speed.

As for Quivers, they can use the slot that shields would usually occupy, since an archer would hardly be able to wield a shield AND fire a bow. :stuck_out_tongue: Not practically anyway.
So the slot where footmen equip their shields, is where archers equip their quivers. ‘Support/Off-hand slot’.

And I like this idea very much so! :grin:

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I don’t like the idea of limited ammo for range units. I mean it would result in crafting arrows (or is this recharging automatically?) and fill your inventory with it.

But with quivers in the inventory we can give a bonus to the archer (like the shild gives extra armor) or unlock other attacks.
So: quivers would be nice, units with limited ammo would be not so nice :slight_smile:


in craft he world, dwarves got unlimited basic ammo, but you could craft limited special arrows like fire arrows etc.
so you could create limited upgrades.


I for one wouldn’t mind having to craft arrows. Debateble if single ones or just stacks of a set amount. Making your military somewhat resource dependant would add an additional layer of depth to it, a siege would feel more like a siege, etc. Would be interesting if we had to deconstruct houses or furniture in order to get resources for war when in dire need.


a big negative aspect for basic ammo would be the inventory cap and the performance calculating so many little details. I personally also want to craft more special stuff for my soldiers, but basic ammo would be too easy to craft, so you don’t even think about them or it would consume too many resources and workpower so you’ll get really frustrated about it.


The quivers would be a great addition to the archer class if they add to their features and not cripple them. basic ammo should be unlimited (not realistic but takes a lot of my mind when fighting enemies). Nobody takes archers to the fight if they get useless in the middle of the battle.
Imagine it:
A night raid of skeletons comes to your settlement the two footmen fight bravely but cannot hold the 6 skeletons at bay. Your archers fire their ammo and then go: “Sorry guys take care of the rest while i got home to restock on ammo.” In the middle of restocking he gets out of range to the fight and instead of going back he goes straight to the next bed to catch up on sleep. Man i would love to be able to draw a comic about that setting here…

So why not use the quivers to add features to the archer class?
normal ammo dows next to nothing dmg to undead but burning arrows could do. -> incendiary quiver.
holy arrows would be an upgrade don’t you agree? -> blessed quiver.
AOE-damage against those little pesky woodlings and the like would do massive dmg… -> explosive arrows! YAY

If we could agree on ammo being unlimited …
then think about the different feature-quivers like a bag of gadgets as in Rambo’s second movie him attaching the special explosive tip to the arrow before firing it. Such a bag could hold lots of ammo don’t you think?
… gotta watch that movie tonight!

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I could agree with the idea of basic arrows being unlimited for an archer.
But I think it would be a cool idea to have special arrows as limited.
Especially if it could be orchestrated to have an archer fire the special arrows and then switch to regular ammo when they run out of special.
And more so especially, if the archers knew to use certain special arrows, (such as @xen2001 was saying, fire/holy for undead) against certain enemies, OR have the player able to orchestrate when they use it. (say like a press of a button for specific use of ‘ability’ fire arrow for individual hearthling OR for the specific archer group. )


I can understand that most ppl get headaches when special arrows are unlimited too but this game is not an RTS strategy game where the player is able to control the hearthlings individually but instead gives them indirect orders like ‘go there and defeat everything in your path’ or ‘protect this place’.
The hearthlings have to know when to use these special arrows; especially if the burning arrows are limited.
Micromanagement is not something i would want for this game to excell in.
Click-orgys like Starcraft I or Warcraft III are already available for korean players longing for micromanagement. I am a lazy person… :sob:

If you are so against unlimited ammo then give the different quivers disadvantages too:

  • burning ammo might be good against wood elementals and undead but might be harmless to stone&water elementals; the same applies to explosive arrows which additionally piss the elementals off making them go berserk between your footmen.
  • holy ammo might be a good idea against undead but does no additional dmg to nature-monsters and the crafting recipe might be extreme expensive or requires the player to achieve something really difficult.

All in all i’d like to see the quivers be an upgrade and not something that specializes my archers to only do something to a specific enemy or makes me think strategically in a game where i can not apply RTS strategies cuz there is no effective control (yet).

I think the case @xen2001 mentions actually
sounds pretty interesting. If your archers would run out of ammunition amidst an active battle the blame is either on the player who forgot to plan ahead or just missing resources.
What it actually boils down to is the question “is micromanaging ammo for archers inherently unfunny or can it lead to interesting situations given a proper implementation and thus lead to more fun?”. I’d argue for the latter. The more stuff that could potentially happen during gameplay, the more interesting stories would be possible.