Arrow flight improvements

I feel like arrows could use a bit more love. A couple ideas:

  • Make them spin while they fly
  • Add “air resistance” so that arrows speed out of the bow and then slow down slightly over time
  • Make arrows fly at different rates. At the very least, make some slightly faster and some slightly slower. On top of that, you could make higher strength/level archers fire faster arrows.

Nothing game-breaking here, just a few ideas to improve the aesthetic a little bit. Right now they just seem somewhat lackluster.

Played the game for the first time in a few alphas last night and really enjoying it so far! :slight_smile:


(Please excuse my English I’m from France)

I respectfully disagree with your ideas :slight_smile:

First of all an arrow don’t spin like a bullet while flying (even if I agree on the fact that this effect would improve the aesthetic)

After watching the Archer DT, I found that these arrows are a little bit too slow: It seems that they don’t really want to penetrate an armored ennemy.

In my opinion it would be great to increase the arrows speed and to add effects like a speed trail (A “distorsion of the air” ? I don’t know the english word for it), fire/smoke trails to fire arrows and maybe a sort of green gas trail to poison arrows.

What do you think about it ?


I’m inclined to agree with @Kraghar on this one (solid english by the way!)

  • Spinning while they fly, realistically, don’t make a terribly large amount of sense.
  • Shot decay might be nice, as I haven’t had an arrow actually “miss” yet, in the sense that it hits something other than an enemy. At the same time, since quivers are unending in stonehearth, I’m not sure there’s much relevance to picking up something your archer has an infinite amount of.
  • Check the perks on your archers! Rate of fire and projectile speed are both level up perks for the subclass.

That totally depends on the fletching… If the feathers are offset, it does create spin.

Totally agree with both of these! A fading white or light blue trail would highlight the arrows. And the current speed makes them look easy to dodge.


Yeah, I think the idea could use some fleshing out. I was mainly looking for a way to break them up a little bit. In the Archer DT video the arrows looked like cars on a highway…they fly straight and at a constant speed and the same speed as all other arrows.

I think spinning will either look awesome or awful, but think just a little random variation and then acceleration/deceleration would make a big difference.

Then, of course, effects for the special arrows (I haven’t played enough to see these if there are any) are a no-brainer.

As far as I can tell, there’s no visual difference between archers or their arrows when they use the spiked arrows (for slow). I haven’t gotten anyone to level three yet, so I haven’t seen the fire arrows in action.

@Aethrios Don’t flatter me, english learning was an obligation when we were in school ^^

@phector2004 You’re right but from what I saw on internet offset feathers seems to be a modern innovation, it doesn’t fit with the medieval epoch.

I’m pretty sure devs have already think about effects on special arrows. Let us be patient :wink: