Archers in real life situations

1 wood, 1 stone, and 1 feather makes 10…
fire arrows…
1 wood, 1 coal, and 1 feather makes 10
slow arrows…
1 wood, 2 frost snap, 1 feather makes 10
archers require these to shoot

@ThoroughbredFun, might I suggest going back through this a unpacking the thought a little. What problem are you trying to solve, what is your proposed solution, and a summary of how you solution solves the problem?

Right now, I think you are suggesting have archers craft bundles of arrows that can be expended, as opposed to crafting quivers that bestow the properties on unlimited arrows, but it’s not very clear.


I feel that it is unrealistic to have infinite arrows, why not craft a potion bag and have unlimited potions?

Who would craft these. I’d say the blacksmith, witch means you have to way some extra time to use archers. I don’t really like this idea. After all it is a game and some games shouldn’t be too realistic.
Thx for reading :smile:

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If we really wanted a class to make arrows, there’s always the possibility of a Fletcher. It seems a bit silly to me to have to use two Hearthlings to get one working archer, though.