Let's make arrows

I was just thinking… where do the archers get infinity number of arrows? Do they produce it like magic??? …who knows! May be they have superpowers too … Just kidding!

Okey, no more jokes. Let’s get to the main point.
I was thinking of making arrows for the archers. Having infinity number of arrows is not only illogical but also unrealistic. If weaver can craft ‘‘Spiky Quiver’’ and ‘‘Fire Quiver’’ then why can’t carpenter craft normal arrows made from wood?

I play the hard mode all the time and all I need is 10 archers to become unbeatable. Trust me, all I need is 10 archers (!) and nobody stands a chance against my troops.

So, even in hard mode the game is becoming a bit boring sometimes. So, I thought why not carpenter make the arrows, so that sometimes I’ll be short in arrows and Goblins/Ogy/Wolves will have their advantage … making the game more challenging.

We can have metal arrows crafted by blacksmith as well causing more damage effect.

What happens when there is no arrows in stockpile or to the archers?

Oh! I know what you are thinking, this will make the archers useless troops, right? But actually it won’t. Each archer is allowed to carry a knife as for self-defense. (New weapon: knife. Crafted by the mason. Has low damage effect but still useful.).

We see our troops having 2 weapons all the time. For example, footman has wooden sword(WS) and stone maul(SM) at the same time. Though WS is never used when footman gets his SM. Still I’m just trying to show that there is a possibility to carry two weapon in the game.

How many arrows can an archer carry in his Quivers?
I think 30 arrows would be fine.

How many arrows can be crafted from one wooden block?
May be 10 arrows. Or may be sometimes 11-12 arrows (just like carpenter crafts extra “fine” items).

What happens if an archer doesn’t have neither of the weapons (arrows and knife)?
He knows how to run, right? Run …Run… Run…

I hope you understood my concept. I am just trying to make game more complex and hard. The more challenging the game will become the more fun I will get. And of curse it will make the game more realistic.


A medium-sized tree generates about 20 blocks of wood, right? I’d like to see an entire tree give more than 40 arrows worth of wood. Maybe ten per block? Whatever you decide one quiver-full to be. I’m not a stickler for realism but if you’re going to have limited ammunition, then you’re going to need to craft a truly ridiculous number of arrows, especially if you’re not suggesting a mechanism to recover them after use.

Radiant has done a truly poor job with the combat in this game. I would hate to see a situation where archers have to figure out what to do to get more ammunition while returning from a fight when newly spawned monsters provoke a new combat. Hate to see Archers waste their ammunition on a low-priority or unwise target then try to knife an ogre to death. No, I don’t like limited ammo at all unless the AI gets turned into something worthwhile.

Yes. you are right!
2 arrows from one wooden block is really small amount. It should be 10 arrows from one wooden block. And each Quivers should be able to carry 30 arrows. I have edited my post.

I never thought about recovering them after use. Interesting idea.


This is a very interesting feature and I myself like it!, however, in my opinion, it is both something for the distant future and also something that will add a complexity to the game on an area that is not the (in my opinion) the focal point

So does this mean we are forced to raise poyos early if we want archers ? Also most arrows won’t break if you use them so indeed, what about recovering shot arrows.