VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)

Yeah, I know that. Just like in minecraft. It does that in minecraft too.

Update: Just added support for loading .kvx and .kv6 files.

Update: Added support for loading .qb files.


Wait. Saving or opening? I’m confused. And does it automatically update?

Opening (click Import). Export will hopefully come later (I’m still waiting for permission).

And yes, if you have internet connection the VoxelShop will automatically update when you start it.

Okay. I was hoping it would auto update.

wow… you aren’t wasting any time, are ya? :smile:

nice work! I meant to give this a whirl over the weekend… thanks for the reminder…

Update: I’ve added an extensive help system to the VoxelShop. This should make it much easier to learn about the different functionality.


Voxelshop now supports importing and exporting to *.qb which should make it very useful for StoneHearth!



I will try this out right now!

Wow, how’d I miss this? Looks very interesting.


Yeah, I’m kind of amazed there’s another voxel editor out there. New things every day, eh?

I have just updated, support.Qb format, very good! But I have a little problem, Voxelshop exported.Qb file, do not open it in stoneVox (stonevox is another similar software), hoping to solve this problem, because the two software used at the same time, more convenient @honestabelink StoneVox 3D 0.0.6

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Sounds like that is a problem with StoneVox. I’m exporting files exactly the same way as Qubicle.

Does StoneVox support the compressed qb format?

The same voxel model exported as qb from VoxelShop and from StoneVox would be helpful, so I can compare.


@law & @flux,

StoneVox only supports what is needed for StoneHearth…

  • no .qb compression
  • z axis right handed
  • rgba
  • visibility mask encoding

Odds are @law the file from VoxelShop was exported with compression, so StoneVox will not load it.
In the future I may extend the importer to allow for other formats and such… but the exporter will always be specific to SH.

@law do you mind me asking what are your plans reguarding the .qb . If it’s for StoneHearth then you will need to re-export it without the compression. StoneHearth doesn’t support compressed .qb's.

@flux Great Work… I didn’t even know this ways a thing :slight_smile: . Thank you for making VoxelShop and supporting modding community here.


Uh huh, I have a small request, is the hope of the two software can support each other, only a small request, do not care about, ^O^/

@honestabelink @law Thanks for the reply! I’ll add support for that export when I find some time! Shouldn’t be too much work now that I got the compressed qb working.

Really have to check out StoneVox as well. So little time, so many things to do :smiley:

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@flux will animations be possible?

Eventually, yes! I’m just very busy with other projects I’m maintaining and work is busy as well. But yes, it will come!


If someone could provide a qb sample file from stonehearth, so I can test that the exporter work, I’d really appreciate that!

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