VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)


I can give me a minute.


Thank you @BloodW0lf!

I’ve just published a new VoxelShop version that enables you to export to uncompressed qb, which you will be able to use with StoneHearth!

Instructions: File -> Export to and disable compression in the export dialog

Please let me know if everything is working! Looking forward to some creations! :slight_smile:


@law Let me know if it works correctly now!


Sorry I did not try it out last night I went to bed lol. I will try it soon and you are welcome @flux


@flux I tested, look at the pictures. “pixel” in stonehearth can show, but… Sometimes lack of part, you don’t understand?? Is that your voxelshop lack “matrix”, about the “matrix” can refer to stonevoxel and qubilcle, believe that can help you. Come on!
This is the original production model:


@honestabelink @law @BloodW0lf I’m not sure what is going on. Is the object maybe hidden in the ground? VoxelShop supports matrices, so I don’t think that is the problem.

Would be nice to get someone to shine some light on this!



@flux, @law

There is a process deemed Visibility-Mask encoding… where the alpha byte for each voxels color data is used to store which sides of a voxel are visible.


Visibility-Mask encoded (4): If set to 0 the A value of RGBA or BGRA is either 0 (invisble voxel) or 255 (visible voxel). If set to 1 the visibility mask of each voxel is encoded into the A value telling your software which sides of the voxel are visible. You can save a lot of render time using this option. More info about this in the section visibility-mask encoding

My guess is that VoxelShop is not encoding that alpha byte with the correct data… resulting in the voxels not showing up.

@flux read over the link I posted about it… it’s a simple bit shift and some voxel polling… (is voxel here… is voxel there)

Again this is just a guess :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback @honestabelink

However I check carefully that my exported files are identical with those provided to me. So visibility mask encoding shouldn’t be the issue.

Is there a certain size the matrix has to be for StoneHearth to use it?

Would be nice to have the same files exported from VoxelShop and from StoneVox, so I can see the difference!


i can say that i have exported 2 files with the same matrix size one got in game the way i want it to be, the other got cut 10 voxels and i could not make it work. i try change the size of the matrix, change the place the voxels are in and nothing work.


@honestabelink @law @BloodW0lf @flpsantoss Should now work correctly. Please let me know!


@flux Model can be normal operation in the stonehearth now, this is very good, but, can’t modify the size, model of matrix is a little pity, I hope to improve. You can do!


Sure, can you explain why that is important?



@flux I cite an example, such as the models of the characters, 31 x 31 x 41, is a matrix of size, model of the actual filling size is smaller, the size of the matrix, related to many aspects, making weapons, equipment, has a relationship, so the size of the matrix is very important. You see I made model and screenshots, you can understand what I said?
This is normal model:

The exported models of voxelshop :

Download my model


Added an option to use the bounding box (you can change the size) as matrix.

Does that work for now?


@flux, I tested again. Right, it increases the multiple layer of the matrix, also increase the visibility Settings, but where is the size of the modified matrix??? I can’t see, it is like the red box on the picture?? I tried, I can’t. Voxelshop matrix of the model is the smallest rectangle of pixels of space, and don’t understand what I say? Then you can see the pictures

Wait, I now, seems to be mirror model, upside down, is inverted, you test?

This is the picture, can you see?


@law I’m not sure what your problem is. It works perfectly for me:

Note: Currently you can not define different matrix sizes per layer (only global)


@flux Sorry, I was too careless, I did not see the green box text, very successful, you are wonderful,

hope :can define different matrix sizes per layer。Because of this, it is more convenient to the animation. Right, what time to add the production of skeletal animation?


Glad it works now!

I need to rework the internal data structure next and then I will get to animation! Before animation will be useful it will still be a while…


Effort! I look forward to your work


Can you enable to have a bounding box with less than 4x4x4? because for somethings i want to make at least one dimension 1 or 2 voxel size.

For the rest, working alright!! good job making this.