VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)


Done, please restart to update to latest version!

Thanks man, that means a lot to me! :smile:


Looks really good, are you able to upload qb files and edit them or is all new models that need to be made?


Hey, I am still looking for a program to use to start modding but I was wondering if you added The animation integration allready ?


Hey! Nice to see some activity here! Yes, qb is fully supported. And no, I didn’t get to implementing animation yet. It’s however still on my todo.


Thanks for the answer, I’ve downloaded Voxelshop now but i was wondering if i can edit qb files in Voxelshop. So instead of exporting them I want to load them into Voxelshop, is this a option ?


Yep, just click on import!


little question is there a way to change the size of an selection (to make an iconic?)

edit: ok for rezise i have now used magicavoxel and for the correct positioning voxelshop ^^


best way to do it :wink:


Now i need an animator to make/change animations

Ok blender works and is free xD @law


Me toooooooooooooooo~~ !!

Little help with my first mod: Abacus

Need some help… For some reason I’m unable to copy/paste a selection with ctrl-C/ctrl-V. Can you guys do so?


@Wiese2007 YES! I think I can help, but you do not expect too much .


can you add like a focusing tool since it getting ennoying for me when editting helmets.


Some Little Feedback: When i load for Example an head it doesn’t load it in the middle (box) but more upper right and I have to reposition all helmets and hairs also to this Position. So something isnt correct xD


isnt that because the stonehearth models themselves aren’t centered in qubicle, but rather off in the corner…?


Hmm possible i havent quibcle2 to Check xD But normally i would thibkthink that they are centered xD


well when you copy/paste a model in qubicle it snaps to the corner, so TR just made all of their models in the corner for easier access, but thats only for armor/creatures. so the “problem” isnt with voxelshop, and in fact, its not a problem at all as its just working the way its supposed to.

if my wording makes any sense at all…


Miss you @flux! Great software!


@flux Thanks for the editor! Can you comment if I can solve the problem with matrices’ size described here?


VoxelShop is now open source! Always looking for contributors and feedback! If you have any issues or suggestions please post them here: Issues · simlu/voxelshop · GitHub

I’m not monitoring this thread regularly. Github is your best bet if you want a timely response!