A start to modding

Thanks a lot ^^, i’ll try furniture first then. May i ask you where i can find this stoneheart version of Qubicle ? And i allready use sublime myself for HTML and others. And I’m not starting to even try to work with Max3D :smile: . But thanks again :blush:

Thanks, i will surely take a look at this.

Qubicle Shop They hide it, as they want to promote 2.0, but this version is just as good and much cheaper.

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Thanks for the link :smiley: I have to wait first till I get my salary, so i’m gonna use the program @Sebastian4948 suggested first to get a feel for modeling with voxels.

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My girlfriend made some pretty nice Moose and Deer models on here a while back, Moose's Modeling Menagerie

Assuming she still has the files, I imagine she’d be willing to cooperate.

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looks at the other frog, scowls, then walks away…


im almost tempted to give the title The Other Frog to them now… :laughing:

Looks at other frog and smiles to see some nice company on the forums


Wow those are some really good models :open_mouth: but it will be a while before I could work with here to animate them. But give it some time and maybe we could do some cool things ^^ .

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Ok, i started mod yesterday, cuz i cant build any awesome house! So game was just unplayabe.
So i decided make mod for Inhouse walls, Collumn tool, and building destruction button.

What you need to know if you want something like that:

  1. Javascript - for ingame UI, all the tools are in JS there, also it works some complicated way with ton of Childs, so bring some skills.

  2. LUA - eas to learn scripting language.

  3. Some GUI design exp - all the gui coded as HTML markup, so…

At this moment i can build walls in house, i can build single column, but still have problems with destruction, sad, but true…

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ok I found a new and free voxel editor called VoxelShop: VoxelShop | blackflux.com , its very easy to handle and it has more features than the other programm, it is able to export into all necessary qb files. :smile:

Did you find it here :

by any chance?

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@Floppy, I’d recommend to start by simple things like the others suggest, until you get the grasp of it. But you can start by more complex projects if you want, it’s just that as they take longer to make, it takes longer to see good results since you’ll be facing problems until you learn how to do it correctly, and you could get discouraged :sweat_smile:

P.S.: @Froggy, I’ve just finished watching yesterday’s stream and I can’t believe that you didn’t see the mixinto issue way before! :angry: Tsk tsk…

I get so frustrated when watching the archives, because I see all the typos the first time they write them but can’t do anything about it :cry:

On the other hand, I love Stephanie’s streams :heart_eyes:
Go, Team Radiant girls!


Thanks ^^ I know some Javascript but far from enough to put it to good use :smile: i’ll have to look into LUA to see how easy it is to learn. But I appreciate the help .

@Floppy You always welcome if need help.

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I do have a question, i wanted to start today on just editing some chair models in game, just to get the hang of things. I’m using Voxelshop as a start and will switch over to Qubicle later. I was just wondering if it’s possible if you can import Qb files into Voxelshop instead of export them ?

Sorry, i still don’t touch any modelling thingy, just scripting part

With this version you cant export the .QB files too .OBJ which you need to be able to animate.

Basicly what @SmoovTh is saying. But because others say different things I want to make it extra clear. You need to be able to export *.obj files to make animations. Which you can’t with the Qubicle stonehearth version. You need the home version for that.

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You can export to Dae with VoxelShop, which you can then convert to obj (I think you can even do that online).