Help inserting Mobs into SH

Hey all,
So Im trying to add a new mob to the game and am having some trouble.
I was wondering if anyone had any tips/ knew of streams where Tom showed how to do this.


Hey @jaechius , welcome to the modding community!

So you’re wanting to add your own personal mob into Stonehearth? Well @voxel_pirate has some really good tutorials on Youtube.

Here’s his video showing the introduction into animating . I hope this gives you a little of an introduction. Some programs you need to get are Qubicle (voxel modeling software used to alter models and make new ones) , Blender (for animating models.) , and Notepad ++ ( to code) . These are the programs I use to mod Stonehearth, remember to have fun and continue to MOD!


The “problem” with this is that you have several approaches.

I think that nobody has published yet a tutorial on this, because you need a certain amount of animations to make this kind of entities.

I can imagine two ways of inserting mobs. One would be spawning random “nests” like those of critters, and the other would be making campaigns like the goblin / undead ones.

Certainly, making a campaign needs its time (so does making the mob). We can always ask the devs or in the livestreams about how to create a mob. Because sometimes even I have doubts on which animations are really necessary and which AI actions does it really pick when you use the mixin…

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If the new mob is similar in size and behavior to an existing one, and if it did not change too much ( :wink: ), you could try to copy and paste the animations from that existing mob, rename it, overwrite the model with your design and there you go with a “cheap” version of home baked mob. For sure this would still require some adjustments in the code, but animation wise I would give it a try like that.


Thanks for all the great feedback!
My biggest dilemma atm is trying to find all the .json files that need to be made/edited.
I’m also not sure how to spawn one of them in-game to test the model.
I’m running microworlds, and get pop footmen down, but I don’t know how to bring out a mob.
And I don’t know what code Tom uses to run those micro combat tests. :frowning:

I have to catch-up with all the “recent” changes… however, if you only want to test your model in the game, I would overwrite the model for an existing animal or mob. Again, that only works if you took one of the existing models as a basis and adjusted it (similar size, same amount of limbs, etc.). If not I fear that this will take a lot more effort to see it in action.

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