United Island Tribes (New Kingdom idea)

This is both a suggestion and a mod idea.

In the current game there are (going to be) three kingdoms, Ascendancy , Rayya’s Children and the Northern Alliance. However, as this picture illustrates, I miss one culture being represented.

Rough sketch: some parts of the map might be miscoloured

Because of this, I want to suggest a new kingdom, the United (Island) Tribes.
The live on islands. That can be fun, cuz you have all the island for yourself, but it also means you have to deal with limits of all sorts. This means that sustainability is a very important aspect for tribesmen. oh, and did i mention, have the island for yourself, well, you have to share it with nature, and goblins also try to get their piece of the cake.

War between island tribes is costly. So much so, that it can mean the death of both parties, the loser in a quick military defeat, and the victor by long term sustainability damage. This is the origin of the United Tribes, a series of cooperating tribes, each having their own islands, that use diplomacy to prevent those coslty wars, and help each other sustain themselves, so each can stay alive.

However, goblins are also around. Were they less reckless with resources and nature, they would have been allowed entrance into the United Tribes. But until they show to posess those qualities, the council is not thinking about it. The goblins however, also want lands of their own. Maybe a unestablished, developing society, such as yours, would be a good target. And the goblins are not the only ones think like that.

As i said, sustainability, is an important aspect. You are on an island after all. You interact with nature, and nature interacts with you. You will need to answer questions such as: How should I protect my livestock? By killing all wolves on the island, or by scaring them away with torches everytime?. Cutting down all your trees, or killing all creatures of a population, might come to bite you in the back at later date, so be aware.
I think it is fun to have bamboo be an important resource for this kingdom. This can tie in with the sustainability aspect of gameplay too. After all, trees grow slowly, and they are scarce on islands, while bamboo can grow quite quickly and can be used for all kinds of things.

How does this integrate with the other kingdoms in stonehearth:

Native Biome
Ascendancy: Temperate biome;Darkmoor Forest
Rayya’s Children: Desert biome;Pal’mun Desert
Northern Alliance: Artic biome
United Tribes: (Tropical) Island biome; a la Argipelago from @BrunoSupremo.

Ascendancy: Vanilla? What is ascendancy’s playstyle even.
Rayya’s Children: Trading
Northern Alliance: Exploration
United Tribes: Sustainability

Gathering food
I always thought it would be cool, for the sake of giving personality to the kingdoms, if all kigdoms had a different way to gather food being usual in their culture, and to have the job tree build around this. The UT, too, have a unique way to get food, fishing.

Ascendancy: Farming (Farmer)

Rayya’s Children: Shepherding (Shepherd)

  • Desert people generally are nomads, thus it makes sense that the RC’s main way to get food is by raining animals

Northern Alliance: Hunting (Trapper)

United Tribes: Fishing (Fisherman)

If you have ideas, don’t hesitate to comment. :slight_smile:

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