[A20 & A21] Spiros Gate and Window mods

I updated Spiros Gate and Window mods to Alpha20/21 API

Some screenshots :slight_smile:


You can download this mods here:

Spiros window mod
Spiros Gate Mod

I have very very bad skills and modeling, so I can’t add any new models, sorry :slight_smile:

If you want to make some suggestion, fixes or something else, please, visit Github repos:
Spiros Gate Mod Github
Spiros window mod github

Permission for Spiro’s mods here.


hey there @SirEdvin,

just want to check, did you get explicit permission from @Spiro to update the mod?


Spiro allow to everyone use his content. I add link to the post.

Bug report:

It should be ‘Building Parts’ instead of ‘Spiros mod generator’.

I always have this problem when I’m using the windows and I don’t know why. Is it only me?
Any ideas maybe?^^ I’d really like to have some pretty windows D:
Are there any known conflicts with this mod?

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Just a question.
Is somebody now supporting this mod or is it just taking the content ?

I don’t know if @SirEdvin is planning to keep updating the mod; but he has said he won’t be able to add anything new (so for now it’s just keeping the mod up-to-date with new alphas.) According to Spiro (the original author) the content is free for anyone to use now since Spiro doesn’t have time to work on mods for now, which is in that link in the post I quoted.

Anyone know of an up to date mod similar to this one? if there is a mod i miss it’s having more windows

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@Banto, while it did not have the gates, @Pawel_Malecki Lostems mod has many different types of windows you might want to check that one out.

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Forgot about those beautiful latticed windows love em :smiley:
i was gonna make my very own window mod before but it got on hold

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