Question about copyright policy


I want to update and fix a old @Spiro mod, that called “Spiros container mod”, but I can’t find any github or else public repository.

So, what credits should I left in the self-created repository? If this enough to leave only link to original author page?

hey there @SirEdvin, welcome to the discourse :smile:

following “the one rule”, you will need to get explicit written permission from the mod creator (in this case @Spiro ) before you can update any of their work.

hope that helps answer your question :slight_smile:


If you want update it Sir Edvin, i got to much trouble in my life to do it by my own, so it would be great :slight_smile:


@8BitCrab thank for answer. I skipped this topic :slight_smile:

@Spiro I hope, you will resolve all you problems :slight_smile: Thanks for permisson :slight_smile:

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@Spiro, can I also try to fix problems with your Window and Gate mod? Items from those mods have problem with builder tool and stockpile in Alpha17.

You allowed to rework all my mods :slight_smile:
Your not from germany, or?