Spiros mod Generator skript

Hey ho,

I worked for a while at the Container mod. Every time you add a new Object, you have to
create tons of folders, and have to change the manifest, create the recepts …

thats a boring work, and so i thought, why should i do that, if i have a computer!

This is the first version of my script. Its a Java class, which you could easly edit with your
text editor e.g.

Spiros_mod_generator_script.zip (2.2 KB)

important for you is this:

    String modname = "Spiros_test_mod";
    String name = "weaver_clay_shelf";
    int volumen = 32;
    String crafter = "carpenter";
    String typ = "containers";

here you could add your modname, name of the new object, which one it should craft, and which typ it should be.
At the moment only containers and decoration works (btw you could make a container or a decoration object, the foldername changes if you dont use “decoration” as name. and for a container the amount of storage places.
at so far:
(for modders)
it Create all your needed folders, the recipe for the object, the recipes.json for the crafter which contains your recipe, the objects .json files and the manifest, contains the object or expand a mod with your new object,( also manifest and recipes)

(for people which want a selfmade object in the game)
It creates you a working mod. (except the named problem down here)
you only have to add your object(.qb, iconic.qb .png ) in the right folder.

at the moment:
you have to add under mixintons the crafter you use,
you have to add the ingame discriptons
you have to add the costs of your object, at the moment all costs 2 cloth and 4 wood.
maybe there are a few more bugs…

everyone allowed to expand the script, i also will add new stuff.
have fun to use it


Sweet! It would definitely help modders speed up their progress!

Keep in mind that SHED(StoneHearthEditor); a mod creating tool, is planned to be released by the Dev’s some day, and might make this program obsolete (or if it’s even more awesome SHED will have to cry)

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Does it do armor, weapons and furniture? if so I might give it a whirl


i’m going to guess not :wink:

Yes I know XD Extra options are good things.

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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now with Armor( Armor, Shield, Helmet) and Weapons support.

Spiros_mod_generator_script.zip (3.1 KB)

could somebody explain me this line:
“display_name” : “i18n(xxx:entities.construction.yyy.yyy_ghost.display_name)”,

is this a reference on the en.json file, to store there all information? at the moment state i kicked this lines all of ( i make them to “display_name” : “i18n(yyy)”, )

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That line is a reference to any locale file (including en.json). It allows for translations to be nested, instead of all being at the same level. Here is an example from my doorway mod:

   "jobs": {
      "carpenter": {
         "recipes": {
            "wood_doorway_recipe": {
               "recipe_name": "Doorway",
               "description": "An open doorway",
               "flavor": "Where'd the door go?"
            "wood_double_doorway_recipe": {
               "recipe_name": "Double Doorway",
               "description": "A large open doorway",
               "flavor": "Where'd the door go?"

To tell a file to look for the wood_double_doorway_recipe, for example, my i18n line would be: "i18n(jomaxro_doorway_mod:jobs.carpenter.recipes.wood_double_doorway_recipe.recipe_name)" because the wood_double_doorway_recipe.json file is in the jobs/carpenter folder.

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Now its a useable version.

Spiros_mod_generator.zip (24.1 KB)

in the zip file you find a .jar file. if you execute it you should see this:

you could write your mod name and object name there, select the typ and if its armor what kind of armor and generate all folders and the most json files with a push on generate.

pls try it and respond :slight_smile: