Mod Window+door+architecture

This mod is a renewal of mod spiros that to enlarged and launched with ayudad of Wiese2007 and others mod I plan to continue and add more windows and doors thanks to his creator spiros main creation of the mod which will be continued and enlarged


ayudad = help xD when you have new input tell me

I step bro and finish the mod will fix everything and am already designing new windows

I am very thankfull for your help

Is this one not working for Alpha 19? was looking to use Spiros Window Mod again

It is looking to upgrade soon


do you have any pictures?

Iā€™m not working but will soon

I will advance very soon but first I have to focus on compatibility before adding something new

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looking forward to see the mod working again :slight_smile:
Did you add any more windows after Spiros Work on the windows?

in that state but compatibility until now not been added but added new windows

wait a few days to all mods go back as compatible with alhpa 19 produced problems but this file compatibility working on it

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Good to hear :slight_smile: good luck and thanks for making it working

Banto needs more windows for Arkas haha

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i always needs more Windows :slight_smile: