I think this is a bug, one of a kind, which is NOT part of the main game, now, but maybe later.

you see 2 3x5 windows. the left one works, the right one not. this happens on two walls. at the other 2 walls the right window works, but the left one didnt.
the different between both windows is: the one has the values -1 to 2 in his gost.json, the other -2 to 1.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download my mod
  2. Build a house with a higer roof (at normal walls you only could put a Yx4 window)
  3. Put one of the uneven sized windows (1x2 or 3x5) at the building

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seeing as this is actually a problem with a mod, i’m gonna move it out of bug reports…

but i’ll also page @Drotten for you, as he might know whats causing the problem.

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This is partly the problem, but not entirely. First of all you should mimic these window’s json files as the only difference between them is their looks, but they should act the exact same. I’d say that having them both set to -1 to 2 works fine.

The problem that follows though is that it really only works for two of the four walls; on the other two walls the windows are offset by half a voxel. To fix this you’d have to replace what’s set into the mod component for both windows to

      "mob": {
         "model_origin": { "x": -0.5, "y": 0, "z": 0 }

which will set the origin of the model to half a voxel, to make sure it’s in a correct spot.

I’m uploading my working copy if you’d like to see the changes made on those files. (105.3 KB)