A problem with the build

Sorry of my english, is a little bit bad.

I start a new game and when i decide to build a house but i saw that the windows were changing over and over, then i thought that if i click the window i want i will have it but only appeared the default vanilla window. I dont know what to do some days ago i saw this problem and i searched that the creative loadlout was outdated so i imagine that this mod were the problem but today whe i start a new game i observe it again.

I post images of the bug:

If you observe the windows you will see that they are less than normal and they are changing.

This is my mod list:

  • ACE
  • homf
  • Dense fields
  • dani’s core mod
  • glassworks
  • trapper +
  • trapper + taxidermy
  • better storage
  • LostEms
  • signery
  • settlement decor
  • home sweet home
  • finery
  • canyon biome
  • fisher jobs + archipelago biome
  • extra map options
  • sailing ships (building template)
  • furniture expansion (continuation)
  • nordlingmod [KINGDOM] [ ACE + Vanilla]
  • craftable gravestones
  • building colors
  • beam (hearthling customization stats)
  • lodewell lights (continuation)
  • box comand tool
  • miner profession
  • gardens of hearth
  • Easy Mode Difficulty
  • Tily’s Huge Chests
  • Mini workers
  • Age of Giant - Piles
  • Piles Plus
  • ACE Kiln Fix (added today)
  • The Coast & Serene League (added today)

I will be waiting for your replies.

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LOL, thats the lostems mod made by @Pawel_Malecki
they are less because they are now merged items, if you try to place them and you hit the / key the model changes. the reason the image changes is to show you all the available options!

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thanks a lot !!! :sweat_smile:

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it doesnt work and im clicking the / key

sincerely i was better whitout this new system, i prefer scroll down before click a key that doesnt work

First of all the game has two problems with keyboard layout:

  1. hotkey list is not regenerated until you restart the game, even if you enabled a mod adding new hotkeys like LostEms;
  2. (not a problem really but worth being aware of) key mapping is not character specific but key specific so when I set the default hotkey to ‘/’ it actually maps the standard ‘/’ key which is the one right to the usual ‘.’ one; that key is actually not ‘/’ even in some European keyboard layouts (Icelandic has something else there IIRC). In other words it’s the position of the key, not the character on it what matters and it may be that the key is different on your keyboard.

So, to get rid of both problems: enable LostEms, restart the game, go to settings and set the Building > Cycle Through Variants hotkey yourself.

If after that the problem persists it may be a bug with LostEms, though debugging that with such a mod list may not be easy.

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