Mod Spiros Window+Gate Mod

bro up the mod
to see how it was

ok i dont understand again ^^ but nope im not only speak english ^^ my nativelanguage is german and english is only my secondary language xD

okey Wiese 2007
What happened to the mod
pasamelo to see

??? ^^

okey Wiese 2007
What happened to the mod
send me the mod

send me the mod to see

its the same link as before ^^ or on github xD

on the same link as before

Nope, unfortunately not.

@Andres_Gonzalez, just one note: you can edit your own posts instead of posting multiple replies one after another.
There is an edit button at the bottom right of your post:

Edit: @Wiese2007, the qb of that window isn’t centered. It might get fixed if you center it, or if you specify a different model/region origin :confused:
Comparison with the tall window, which is centered:

thats the problem if i center it it doesnt work on both walls ^^

it looks like the regions on are the walls different ^^

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could you please dont write me per pm and then post it also here!

Wise could the window be adjusted with the scale settings
as an example the apiary in froggys mod is “render_info” : {“scale” : 0.1} adjusting this makes it bigger or smaller.

the only problem right now is that the carpenter does not create windows and fails

scale doesnt help here xD with this i could only make it bigger or smaller but not change the position - so the issue will be the same xD

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carpenter checked - no issues (only one with a recipelink - its fixed)

is updated for Alpha 18? :slight_smile:
Would love to use it again for Windows on my new Cathedral :smiley:

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Uiii spiro is back! XD