Windows with shutters

These curtains are cute and all, but a piece of decorative cloth will NOT keep the baddies out!
I’m a bit of a bunker builder, and I like to have my houses closed shut at night to feel save and cosy.
Could we add shutters? The old ones, like the ones here:

[size=8](damn you Shutterstock)[/size]

Maybe add an option where you can check/uncheck them for automatically closing when night starts, for those who like the astetic but not the bunker-feel.


Not a bad idea! I like it! Would also give hearthlings more privacy :smile:

Seems good to me! (Probably) keeps the undead out at night!

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Oh-ho-ho… I see it doable!!!

I mean, moddable right now! :smiley:

Edit: I’m seeing these windows on future versions of those mods about furniture. Yup. And Tom should also get them into the game.
I’ve just tested and it’s so simple that you could even add a closing animation for the windows. And even opening too. So fancy… *-*


YOU! Yes, you! C’mere n lemme give ya a kiss!

Someone has a good name for a mod in which I would place normal furniture and random (not fantasy) stuff that I make?

I’ll try to send it to TR because originally the lamppost I made was designed to be on a sample mod, so maybe I can sneak it in the startermod >_>

Because… where else can I put my beloved fountain_v2?
:relaxed: I’m mesmerized by the splashes… They give the illusion that the water makes waves…

:scream: Whoops, sorry for derailing the thread! I’ll try to make improved windows with shutters, too. At least to verify if the animation would work.

P.S.: I also made a hung lamppost.
P.P.S.: I should get back to check the bug reports… :expressionless:

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Active Furniture Mod?


That sounds nice :smiley: