Enlightened idea - streetlights in the game?

It seems to me that adding streetlights to light up our villages is a good idea, don’t you think? I believe they would fit the theme really good, and they would add a lot of climat to make towns feel alive, especially during the night. I have two different images in mind, both being smiple wooden lanterns:



Tell me how you feel about them in-game? And how they shall be made? Being build by workers and then adding lantern from carpender or rather being build by him from the start at the workshop?

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amazing idea! i think sample 1 is the better of the two, it seems a bit more medieval-ish.

makes the most sense to me.

If you use the fences mod (which has extra fence parts) one of the items is a single post. Build one of those and stick a lantern on top and you have your lights :slight_smile:

[quote=“BrianNZ, post:3, topic:11665”]
Build one of those and stick a lantern on top and you have your lights
[/quote] but then its not vanilla and its not one solid model…

I don’t think we need a solid model, we just need more pieces to build lamps out of. Have a hanging lantern and you’re most of the way towards sample 1.


I don’t know guys, it feels too much “minecraftish” for my taste - to make “items” from pieces not made for it doesn’t seem right to me. I mean, I can always put some slabs and attach wall lantern to them, but it doesn’t look too appealing. Also I imagine this lamp being as tall as 4-5 blocks, so making it out of fence is not what i had on my mind.


this guy and i are on the same page…


Streetlamps were one of the items on a previous poll here on the Discourse for the next requested set item/piece of furniture. However, barrels and crates won by a huge margin…

Sheesh, how am I ever going to make an authentic cityscape without street lamps? Well, that and other iron- or metal-based decorations…


hmm… originally i just imagined them as wood, but it would be cool to have two tiers of stretlights…

I assumed you meant a wooden-based version, I just worded it a little weird. We don’t have many metal decorations right now, so I’m hoping they’ll add more soon.


Agreed, though maybe very Medeival Time-ish ones, basically wood poles with a lantern.
Though we can make them now, just stack slabs and place a wall lantern! :wink:

Now that I’ve seen the first sample, it’s so much better than the one I made some time ago:


If someone wants to model it, bear in mind that you’ll have to place the origin of the model where the lamp will be, because particle effects don’t rotate when you rotate an object… so you have to make it symmetric.

what a shame… :confused:

With symmetric I mean the particle effect :sweat_smile:
I mean, you would have to make the model something like this:

if you want to ensure that the light effect is placed on the lamp even if you rotate the streetlight…

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oh goodie!!! i might try my hand at a simple-ish one later today…


I’ve been looking for something to do on qubicle, thank you! Well, here is the lamp (With my bad modeling skills)

(sorry if you wanted to make a model @8BitCrab)


no need to be sorry, i rarely get the time/motivation to do these things. and i must say you did better than a could… :smile:

Very nice start you have there!

One thing I’d like to mention is that usually there are 10 voxels per block. Just keep this in mind.


Could you please maybe send a photo of how a “block” should look like?

a “block” is a 10x10x10 voxel cube, as far as my understanding goes…

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