Decoration suggestions


I just had a few suggestions for decorations in the game:

  • A Fireplace with a chimney that you can put inside your houses. and works like the outdors fireplace.
    it is made of stone, so you can have som use of the stone you mine on the ground.

  • A Stonefence, Like the normal fence. but made of Boulders on top of each other, and in a line

  • That you would be able to put flowers/flowerpots on tables.

  • Statues (small human size and Large like the ones in the old Pictures of the game, , made of Wood, stone or metal.

  • Streetlantern, A lanterna with a longer pole, so the lantern is like a streetlamp. made of Wood or metal.

  • Weapon decorations on the walls! you see it everywhere in medieval and fantasy Movies.

  • Crates, bags and barrels. well these is not only for decoration but even for storage if you put it on a storage area.

I would love to know and discuss what other decorations people want to get this game more alive!


Street lanterns would be great. I’d like a greater variety of lighting options in General anyway, from simple torches for dungeons and shacks to the street lamps you mentioned. But I’m sure there would be more variety of stuff either way, such as doors and Windows, furnitures, floor and path options etc. Though items that share functions already implemented in the game I’d expect to see later on, as stuff that requires new code likely is more important than stuff thats just New models textures and etc.

Something I’d like to see is bookcases with functionality. In the future I believe I heard you could find scrolls or books with schematics or recipes and this would be a way to store them.

Decorative trees and bushes would be great for lining streets of fancier neighborhoods. Or just replanting for more wood haha.

I think I mentioned before I’d love to see storage chests or shelves to clean up stockpiles. Just not sure still how that might be implemented. I suppose it could work like a stockpile it just doesn’t show the items in world view and takes less space, but admittedly seeing what items you have is nice. Some sort of inventory GUI maybe?

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I really like the idea of both the street lamps and the barrel! It would be very cool for barrel to hold food and drink. Maybe have each barrel hold something specific, for example corn. The people would add corn to the barrel for storing. It would also be pretty cool for you to see how much is in the barrel like if it only half full or completely full. Just a thought!

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