Poll: Decorations

well, since decorations are pretty popular, and fall into the category of “can be implemented with little to no code”, how’s bout we just kick off a new poll, based on what @Geoffers747 collected over here:+1:

  • Lamppost
  • Flowerbox
  • Picnic table
  • Hedge
  • Street light
  • Jack-o-lantern
  • Scarecrow
  • Hanging fur on wall
  • Stuffed animal
  • Fireplace - or, you could say, Stonehearth
  • Shutters
  • Signs for each profession
  • Hay bale
  • Candles
  • Barrels / Crates

we’ll let this run for… a week or so?

i’m curious to see the results, as the last poll (most requested features) had a great turn out…


Has to be barrels / crates - they’re just too useful for storage purposes not to be done.


We need the cutecrow now!!! :slight_smile:

Fireplaces and flower boxes, I uses flowers and fences right now out front. I also think fireplaces would add soooo much to interiors.

eventually, yes… absolutely…

but i think at this point (or in regards to this poll), they would be purely cosmetic… just some simple decorations… :blush:

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Oh man I can only choose one? HEHEH, I want them all :slight_smile: I would like to suggest if its possible that if the fireplace or Stonehearth is the winner that you maybe offer a little more then just a decoration or at least look at it as a place to cook, say adding a pot for making food or even roasting an animal on a spit later. I mean we all love BBQ… Nothing better then watching your favorite meat being processed on the fire :smile:

Was hopping for a Well type option.
Water wells make sweet decorations.

Stuffed Animals probably includes mounted heads too! Who doesn’t want that evil furry fox to be killed and put in a corner to think about his mistakes?


Definitely throwing my vote on Crates and Barrels, as long as they can be used for storage I’ll be a happy camper :smile:

I’m in favor of fireplaces eventually, but not yet–I think we still need to get the Mason and some advancements to the building system before we can really enjoy and use them.

As much as I’d like more lighting forms like streetlights and candles, I ended up choosing barrels and crates. They’re both fashionable and functional, so I couldn’t really see why not. The downside for them is the need to figure out inventory coding and the respective GUI interface before they can be truly used for storage.


Scarecrows are the best! :smiley:

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I kind of like the hanging fur. Seeing we can make fur rugs, why not. But if I could check them all off I would ahaha

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I like the hanging fur :smiley:

I’m saying the (stone)Hearth so we can relax in peace at night, indoors! :smiley:


Scarecrows! But also jack-o-lanterns because it’s almost Halloween (well, it’s October, at least) and it’d be awesome to have a bunch of awesome halloween-themed items to come out in time for that.

Thought I’d revive this thread with a few suggestions! :smiley:

Weapons Rack
Tool Rack
Armor Stand

Jack-o-lantern or lampposts, oh this is a tough choice to vote for… Whelp my vote is for lampposts mainly because I didn’t know they’d actually be in the game :wink:

Crates and barrels : ) Scarecrows would be cool also : DD

HA! I get it! Its a joke.

Signs for each proffesion, there is nothing that looks better then a good sign at the right place.

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