Too Much Twilight?

Seems I spend a LOT of time building when I can’t see anything. This is before all the lights come on and after they go off. Seems twilight is a bit too long because you can’t really do much with this kind of low light and you just have to kind of wait…:

Suggestion would be to lighten up twi-light enough that you could still work in it.

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That sounds more like an issue on your end though; why do you want to build in the night (and more precisely, why do you want to force your poor workers to do it)?

Other than that, I think the lights should randomly go on before dusk, not after.


This would be fine as well.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it would take away a worker from my projects I would like to see someone actually going around and lighting the various lamps like they do with the log taken to the fire pit. It would be purely cosmetic, but would add that little extra detail of realism. You could even add in a farm resource to make lamp oil if you wanted to jump it up a notch further. Perhaps an olive bush that drops olives that can be eaten or converted to oil in a press made by the carpenter in early game. Not really needed, but would be a nice touch of detail.


He’s a Vampire :vampire: <-----------------need this in Faces :stuck_out_tongue:

This brings up an interesting point. Why would I want to build at night? Because I’m playing the game. If I’m expected to just minimize the game for 10-15 minutes each ‘night’ because it’s to dark to do anything, then that’s not very good play value. I’m sure all this will get hammered out, but you certainly do want to keep busy the entire time you’re playing.

The town folk do have their set sleep time and thankfully, that’s kept short, but then it’s too dark to really interact with the surroundings while they continue about their work (building, cutting trees, etc.) Can’t have lights every single place your guys go.

Just a thought, but maybe they can carry lanterns around with then at night? Starbound has a backpack lantern on a stick thing and Don’t Starve had you carrying torches at night.

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I know exactly where this is going and let me stop you right there: Yes, you’re playing the game, but most importantly, you’re playing their game. This is kind of a big deal: It’s not your game, so it doesn’t have to adhere to your rules or expectations. If it’s a game decision that the night is dark and there’s not much to do, well, that’s rather tough luck for those who want to do everything in the night. Just before we get a bit carried away here, I really dislike that kind of conversation…

Fast forward, for example, or setting up lights… I don’t feel like the night is too dark at all, but this depends heavily on your graphic- and monitor settings I suppose.

Making the night bright is ruining the immersion extremely, just ask the WoW players. I feel like brightening up the night is also sort of ruining gameplay, as it limits the possible game design choices (for example, a sneaky attack by the undead isn’t as sneaky if you can clearly see a bunch of skeletons lurching your wasy). The night should be dangerous, or at least conceive that feeling.

As with any aspect, I feel that once the engine is accessible from lua/mixintos, this issue will be dealt with by the community itself.

Which would make plenty of things more difficult. What if they need to use a tool, what happens with the lantern then? What if they need to pick up something? How does it work with animations, with combat?

I have to agree with pan here. As much as this would look cool i think that this would bring forth many other problems…
For as far as I’m concerned the night indeed serves as sleep time, fast forward it if you want. But I like planning things during the night. Like queing up actions to do when they wake up, so i suggest you try that too :smiley:

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