Light sensor lamps n such

Not sure if this has been suggested yet or not. But are we eventually going to have it so the lamps detect how dark it is and turn on accordingly? If not can we have this feature?


Alternatively: always on lamps.
I guess ilumination for mines or windowless rooms was what sparked this suggestion, right?


actually no! I am currently working on a large scaled tree (tree of life) and building a city within it. I have tossed around the idea of having windows in the bark of the tree however I dont particularly want to either simply due to looking tacky. anyways, inside is going to be fairly dark so I thought it would be nice to have some light inside the rooms etc. as well as down the road I would like to have an underground spring that is more of a spiritual place for my townspeople


Heh… well lets just say indoors and underground :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lighting is weird. Shadows calculate based on your current view mode rather than actual game. In my underground city, if I slice-view down to ground level, the buildings cast shadows by the sun, not by in game light sources.

For that reason and framerate issuea I’m probably going to add cosmetic details like lamps, etc, last.

Yah it woukd be nice for to be based off the source rather than the position you are viewing


Much needed. It would also be great to have lamps that give a different light color. Currently only clay lamps look cozy :rolling_eyes:


This option is already implemented (refer to the mason’s pedestal).
Currently, all the lamps turn on at night and turn off when the day begins automatically.

But, since the lighting works different depending on the vision mode, I think it would require some work to make it detect if it’s dark. Not sure if it’s doable :worried:

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@Relyss ahh ok, thank you for the reply!

I have the latest version. I was just thinking it would be nice to have neat light going on when it is in a darker area, or possibly are we able to have at some point, lamps we could turn on manually rather than automatically?

That might be moddable, yes (I’m not an expert, but I think it can be done).

On my side, I’m currently trying to figure the best way of having lamp-like behavior, because the current lamp component has not enough functionality for what I need :sweat:

Something that has one behavior during day and another during night.

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@Relyss it would be really cute as a hearth idle action is to go it in a seat turn on a lamp and read a book!

but I see, yah I dont do that type of coding so I have no clue about what is possible in this realm and what is not. :sweat: