Stronger light sources? darker nights?

So i recently started playing around with lights…after many many hours! but thats besides the point.

First here’s an example.

And as amazing as lighting does look. i cant help to think that the light source feel a bit under powered.
There might be a few sides of this coin, since i build in very large scale that makes them look underpowered.

And i would just need stronger light sources…also i like the idea of being able to shine enough light tru windows :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the night simply might not be dark enough for the lights really to …well shine (no pun intended) Also i cant help to think the coloring of the light is a bit weird.

wood and stone lantern…but light seems different? or is it just me?

it just seems a bit off to me somehow :neutral_face:

And wanted to know if anyone else has some opinion on the matter.


Different lanterns definitely provide different spectrums of light. The most noticeable example is the clay lanterns which give off a red/orange glow. The fact hat its so dark may have to do with game or monitor settings. I never have night get this dark in my games.
Although I’ve also turned down lighting effect intensity for performance reasons. This may by default lighten things up.


One thing I’ve noticed is that the lights sometimes “bleed through” solid walls. It’s probably not intentional behaviour – the new RC shrine Rayya’s Shadow that @Allie designed for Alpha 19 shines its lights out through the windows, but it seems to use braziers instead of lamps… maybe Allie can shine a light (pun fully intended) on how the different light sources work with windows and walls?

I think your issue is more that the large scale and low emission radius mean the lights simply don’t cover most of the area. I believe that the lighting intentionally “falls off” quite quickly to reduce the number of shadows that any single light source will throw; but a lot of users will probably just counter that by added a bunch more lights. I think it would be easier on the memory drain in larger-scale builds to have very wide-reaching lights, allowing us to fill in the shadowy areas and hopefully reduce the number of shading calculations (i.e. if the whole wall is brightly lit, there should be no shadows to calculate). Those wide-area lights could be softer than the standard lamps, but have no fall-off (they stay just as bright out to the edge of their reach as they are at their source); so players can still use brighter lamps to “spotlight” areas of detail.

It’s a bit game-y, but it’s often easier and prettier to cheat ever so slightly than it is to relentlessly pursue accuracy. Giving us lights designed specifically for large areas and night-time screenshots would lighten the load on the game, while also allowing us to lighten up our towns more effectively and prettily.

Of course, if light levels ever get other gameplay features attached to them, then this suggestion runs into a whole mess of new issues… but for the moment, lights are purely decorative and “quality of life” features (allowing players to more easily identify what’s going on at night); so it makes sense to provide large-area lighting solutions rather than trying to create a “one size fits all” lamp.


well im glad im not going crazy and there is a different spectrum in lighting.

But then i have to ask should they be the same?
personally i would like an option to change the color spectrum so i can use all lights in unison or for whatever light color i might need.

@YetiChow …as always you seem to write my thoughts better than i can, in english anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

But while on the subject of cheating maybe you could create a window that emits light to archive same thing.

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I modded lights once, to make the tiki torch for the archipelago mod. And it is possible to change the radius of the light so it lights a huge area, and to change the color. And it is also possible to add light to any object, so yes, you can have windows that give light :stuck_out_tongue:


Multiple light options with different colours would be beyond awesome. In fact, it’s so awesome that I’m going to make a whole new thread suggesting how it could work!

And here it is!