Dt: dark & light, pt1



It looks cool! I like that you want to make night look better, because some of the ideas in this video look really nice.


I fell in love with this concept art the second I saw it. I was really suprised that there was actual concept behind this, and I LOVE how that is looking. Praise praise praise!!


At the 1 minute mark, when we see some art, the top one is new for me. It looks really good, and it kinda has a Zelda feel into it!


I like that we’re looking at the nights, but with this, could you re-evaluate how light works IN houses / rooms? You can put 4 lanterns in a med sized room, and it still won’t fully light the room fully. You’ve made references to The Sims before, and I feel this is the perfect time to take another page from them, and how outdoor lights work vs indoor lights.


Really cool and interesting to see how all this work with lighting is playing out :merry:

I love the idea to “fade out” unlit areas (or rather, fade in the lit ones) – it definitely works with that sense of mystery, almost creating a Fog of War effect even within the dark parts of your town!

I get what you mean about the colour blending though, it’s difficult to keep that warm yellow-orange glow without it turning all the grass bilious. At the same time, I’m sure that sickly green lighting effect would work really nicely when the Necromancer comes along with eerie green magical lights… so your solution of fading in the lit grass works perfectly; since it still allows other more extreme lighting effects to wash over it.

All in all, I think this has been a brilliant bit of design work, and an enlightening DT!


Totally OT but that one nighttime view is Xijiang in china where my girlfriend went during a business trip not too long ago taking this lovely picture:

Didn’t expect to see that one. Sorry for spamming the thread, just had to mention it. Nighttime comparison with the shot used in the video:

On topic: @BrunoSupremo: Yeah, looks like we finally get to see another possible titan design other than that cthuloid one from the early trailer.


That’s not off-topic at all – it’s actually really relevant, since it provides the counter-point of what that scene looks like in the daytime compared to the night time!

For example, in the day you can clearly see the shapes of the trees and buildings, you can see the walls and terraces which split up the town, and you can see the river and its bridges. These features add a sense of order, but also a sense of open-ness.

In the night picture though, the details meld together and you just get dark stretches of forest in between the buildings. Looking at night, you wouldn’t know that the spaces between the lights were well-ordered terraces and woodlands surrounded by walls, they just seem like wilderness. The main square becomes much more of a focal point, with all that warmth and solidity; and the river becomes this vague and amorphous boundary which doesn’t seem anywhere near as much of a protection or dividing line as it does in the day shot. The bridges, too, take on a more ephemeral or ghostly aspect in the night shot – instead of solid, guarding passages which control access to the city, they now look like links between the “wilderness” (not that it’s really wilderness at all, but the night shot seems to imply that the other side of the river is wild and barely inhabited) and the city…

So, there are two very different moods here! Your vacation picture gives us the perfect foil to see what this scene is “really” like, but the story told by the two pictures is vastly different.

And so it will be in Stonehearth, at least if the devs achieve what they’re hoping to. While Stonehearth’s night scenes will hopefully appear much more inviting and less spooky (more mysterious but less imposing), they’ll still have that same basic interplay of the known areas vs those concealed by darkness.

I’m sure @Allie will be keen to see this!


I think this is totally awesome! The concept of the lighting in your town affecting your hearthlings and/or monster behaviour seems like a real step in adding more depth to how your hearthlings interact i.e. a better lit town might make them feel more safe where one where there’s little to no lighting means they worry more which in turn affects moral.

On a side note, those little houses look adorable. :slight_smile:

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That is the Stone Golem :smile:

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Oh. Well, it was nice while it lasted. :smiley:

@YetiChow: Dunno if it’s as helpful since they’re not trying to recreate that exact setting and are taking artistic freedom. If it does help in any way, I’d be glad, though.

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I know it is a bit late, but how long has the textured walls been in the dev build? It is on the stone walls if you didn’t notice.

It sounded like the all the changes are only a mockup, not only the light. Though I kinda hope I’m not right.

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yeah, watching it again, the better textures are only on the modified pictures. Oh well.

My 8 gigs of ram is not barely enough now - I can only immagine how “not enough” it will get when there is more and more work done with lighting. :frowning:

Are you sure that your ram is the problem here? I’m runnig on 8gigs as well and it blows through on max with ease.

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Yeah - I’m pretty sre that it must be the problem, as every hour or so I get 500mb more RAM usage from the game (but this also grows in line with my in-game population). Restarting the game does not help much, so I would guess that’s a mater of the village size, pop etc.

I also tried to run the game with all settings set to minimum except the resolution, so that i don’t have any light sources or shadows to calculate, but it’s the same.

I do have to admit at the same time, that this was much less of a problem before I upgraded from Win8.1 to Win10, but that could be just as much a case of a newer system taking more ram itself. The thing is that the game did eat up more ram with in-game and time progression on Win8.1 anyway…

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That’s some very important work.
I instantly like the new colors (shoo acid grass) and the “ambient lighting borders” denoting which areas are “lit” and which are “in the fog of war”.

PS. I was hesitant to discuss atmospheric lighting before because as an amateur programmer I have some understanding about how “global” this task is.

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